Monday, July 9, 2012

Planning for a New Home

When I decided to relocate to my old hometown, my kid and I simply chose to stay with my parents at my old room. So, in  spite of the constricted space, we simply endure the set up for over a two years.

The situation even became more serious when my parents had to give up their old business that I had to help support the entire family.

And now, my other sibling and her family  is within the family compound, thus, the crowd becomes bigger and noisier.

While there are perks to staying with your biological family, somehow, living independently makes more sense. So, I can only wish that I can have my own place to house my family and to furnish it with our own stuffs including flat screen tv stands that we may enjoy privacy and peace at anytime.

I hope next year, we can find resources to build our own place.



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