Wednesday, August 22, 2012

When Working Parents Are Too Busy

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Experts say that working parents who take two jobs or more are most likely to leave their kids with obesity, school and social skills problems.   This is noted in the article of psychologist Jean Gross in her booklet, Little Less Conversation: The Effect of Busy Parents on a Child’s Ability to Talk.
I have been working for days and nights since June on my graduate school projects amidst school and store work loads. And, there are indeed days that I can still feel quite guilty  about the limited time I have for my kid.

So, whenever I have a small window of time, I use it to spend this with my kid and partner.  Normally, the morning time right after a sleep is the best time that I have with my little boy as I attend to his school needs.

Further, if I am  indeed too busy, at least, his father compensates for the time. I use as well the afternoon as I come from work to ask about his school day and if he has assignments to do. This along with his exams are for me to prepare his reviewers.

Good thing that I have my PC to research on stuffs that I simply have forgotten. I only wish that I can have and use the  all in one pc  for my PC's optimum use.

Busy parents can still have creative ways to have quality time with their kids and these ways may include spending the free time even how small it is with kids and to help them communicate and work at school.

The complete list of these creative ways is on this article.



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