Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Newfound - Family in Running

Beer Hydration after 21KM race

Running with my Pacer/td>

my running mates waiting for the 21km race gunstart
I have been running regularly for over a year now and if without classes, I join my running groups, Team Matutum and GenSan Run Club, in doing trail runs or long runs among others to exercise our passion. So, oftentimes, if there are fun runs, you would normally see us in group with all our fun grooves.

We may differ in stamina and speed but we have respect for one another and the goodwill among us matters most.

The last run however was quite a disappointment for some of  the 21km runners since they failed to hear the gunstart and announcement from an inadequate sound system for the 21km race. So, I had to see my running mates tailing the rest of the pack few minutes late.

We quite recommend then that run organizers shall use reliable sound and music equipment   for clear and audible announcements.

For now, we shall convene again for a swimming training for our desire to join triathlon.



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