Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Why Do People Smoke?

Ever wonder  why you see smokers almost everywhere? Practically, people smoke various cigarettes from ordinary cigars to elegant ones including vanilla dutches. Experts say that smokers smoke for major reasons to include :

  • Peer Pressure. Your friends do smoke, so, it's only natural that you join them.
  • Social Pressure. Society gives a different notion that when you smoke, you emit an impression of maturity and economic boost;
  • Social Rewards. As you join a group of smokers, you feel their acceptance.
  • Stress Reliever. While pressure can be quite true among the teens, adults may resort to smoking to relieve stress from work, family or otherwise.
  • Parental influence.  Parents who smoke or have quit smoking may quite highly influence their kids to smoke too.
Government laws and advertising among others remain a contributing factor to alluring others to smoke. Thus, it is quite necessary that we are all aware of the health impacts of smoking.




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