Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Trail Run Escapade For Us

After several months of hibernating from store and run because of my graduate  school requirements and exams, I finally resumed with my running and so, I joined the trail run of my team along with the local runners of Tampakan and Koronadal City.

the trail runners conquering Tampakan mountains

The run was difficult as we ascended 750 meters above sea level over 3 kilometers. Then, the rest of the 17 kilometers were all stiff downhill. I had to brace my legs well, so, I won’t fall over the cliff.Good thing we have  rfid blocking   to secure our stuffs.

In the next weekend, more trail runs shall be conquered.


Family Halloween Fun Run

The local cemetery of General Santos City along with GenSan Run Club has initiated a Halloween fun run where categories include 1.6KM, 3KM and 5KM. And, unlike a typical  fun run, this Halloween race shall include hurdles of all tricks to make the run extra fun as they traverse the cemetery loops.

More importantly, to make the race extra special, runners in costumes shall avail of the prizes plus some raffle freebies for the lucky winners.

Who says visiting a grave can be that gloomy? See you in the race.


Sunday, October 7, 2012

Tips to Safe Driving

photo source: internet
Just recently, we had to endure the heavy traffic in the vicinity when a car slammed against the opposite lane and caught on top  of the creek and killed another driver.

As a newbie driver, I could only fear the most - road accidents and I could only be careful in my driving but I could only wish that other drivers can be as careful as well.

So, what do experts say about safe driving? Here's their list:

  1. Wear your safety belt and other protective gears esp for motorcyclists like helmet and pads.
  2. Stay within speed limits;
  3. Keep distance between you and the next vehicle;
  4. Be careful in intersections;
  5. Be careful with your blind sides when changing lanes and backing;
  6. Consider the weather and the condition it may to the road;
  7. Pay attention to road signs and traffic rules;
  8. Take care of your car. Fine tune it, fix it with the needed tools and accessories including  grippers, keep the gas filled, windshield clean among others;
  9. Never drive when you are drunk, in meds that may cause dizziness, in extreme emotions.
For more inputs, you may read this Driving techniques to avoid accidents and fines.


Invasion of Reality Talent Shows in the Philippines

As I type this post, I am watching the Grand Finals of X Factor Philippines from ABS CBN network, a reality talent show in search for the best talents in singing with jurors, Gary Valenciano, Charize, Pilita Corales and Martin Nievera.

Prior to Grand Finals of X Factor, the competing network TV 5 has launched its new season of Talentadong Pinoy, another show in search for various talents in singing, dancing, acting and alike.

These two are even complemented with the Protegee of GMA 5 and another string of talent shows that  fill the  big screen.

Well, what can I say? I am simply disappointed for obvious reasons. Well, I could not elaborate as the newly institutionalized Cybercrime Law.

These talent shows could seek out  hope from our various talents but for some it could be quite an ordeal. Well, I just hope that true talents are indeed discovered.


Post - Marathon Recovery Nutrition

Whether you run a marathon or simply a long run, it is highly important that you take the right food and recovery program to let your muscles heal from all the sore of running. Others may simple indulge in any food that they can take, or drink a beer or two, or simply prepare their own concoction   or indulge in a ice bath.

photo  source:

Experts suggest that we take the following nutrition after a marathon to replenish the lost energy and to avoid muscle soreness, cramping and fatigue:

  • Within 30 minutes after the race, drink instead a nutrition drink rather  than sports drinks for higher energy intake; Most marathoners suggest a chocolate drink can quite help.
  • After 60 - 90 minutes after the marathon, gobble up Greek Yogurt with Granola, Raspberries an blueberries to replenish your antioxidant reserves.
  • Continue taking in enough carbohydrates from bread, pasta, rice and complement this with protein - rich food from veges or fish and meat;
  • Take potassium - rich food and juices like bananas and oranges to replenish lost electrolytes.
All these nutrition should be complemented with post - marathon easy runs for a month.


How to Eat and Drink After a Marathon for Best Recovery


Natural Remedies for Colds and Flu

When the weather shifts abruptly, our body normally responds too. And most often than not, we either get the colds or flu or both.

hot tea; photo source:

So, while we take our prescribed medicines, it will soothe us well if we take natural remedies to complement or replace the medicines if possible. Here's the list:

  • Salt water or vinegar gargle with water. 3 - 4x a day of lukewarm water with salt or vinegar can ease that itchy sore throat.
  • Hot tea. To ease the congestion, a steam from hot tea will surely help.
  • Ginger hot drink. This serves the same effect of hot tea.
  • Vitamin C. Taking vitamin C can help prevent you from getting the cold virus but should you caught it, the cold duration can be at least reduced.
  • Body massage. For a more relaxed body, a nice body massage can help you rest well.
  • Bed rest.Your body to recover better must require due rest. So, free yourself from work or other stressful stuffs and doze well.
  • Liquid. Keep hydrated when you are sick. Keep your load of water or juice handy.

Some Effective Natural Cold and Flu Remedies