Sunday, October 7, 2012

Post - Marathon Recovery Nutrition

Whether you run a marathon or simply a long run, it is highly important that you take the right food and recovery program to let your muscles heal from all the sore of running. Others may simple indulge in any food that they can take, or drink a beer or two, or simply prepare their own concoction   or indulge in a ice bath.

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Experts suggest that we take the following nutrition after a marathon to replenish the lost energy and to avoid muscle soreness, cramping and fatigue:

  • Within 30 minutes after the race, drink instead a nutrition drink rather  than sports drinks for higher energy intake; Most marathoners suggest a chocolate drink can quite help.
  • After 60 - 90 minutes after the marathon, gobble up Greek Yogurt with Granola, Raspberries an blueberries to replenish your antioxidant reserves.
  • Continue taking in enough carbohydrates from bread, pasta, rice and complement this with protein - rich food from veges or fish and meat;
  • Take potassium - rich food and juices like bananas and oranges to replenish lost electrolytes.
All these nutrition should be complemented with post - marathon easy runs for a month.


How to Eat and Drink After a Marathon for Best Recovery



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