Sunday, October 7, 2012

Tips to Safe Driving

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Just recently, we had to endure the heavy traffic in the vicinity when a car slammed against the opposite lane and caught on top  of the creek and killed another driver.

As a newbie driver, I could only fear the most - road accidents and I could only be careful in my driving but I could only wish that other drivers can be as careful as well.

So, what do experts say about safe driving? Here's their list:

  1. Wear your safety belt and other protective gears esp for motorcyclists like helmet and pads.
  2. Stay within speed limits;
  3. Keep distance between you and the next vehicle;
  4. Be careful in intersections;
  5. Be careful with your blind sides when changing lanes and backing;
  6. Consider the weather and the condition it may to the road;
  7. Pay attention to road signs and traffic rules;
  8. Take care of your car. Fine tune it, fix it with the needed tools and accessories including  grippers, keep the gas filled, windshield clean among others;
  9. Never drive when you are drunk, in meds that may cause dizziness, in extreme emotions.
For more inputs, you may read this Driving techniques to avoid accidents and fines.



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