Wednesday, November 28, 2012

How to Make Money From Handicrafts

Handicrafts   are creative works of  artists and any newbie who simply would  want to explore their creativity and make use of their time. And, because of the intricacies of details and manual labor on designing handicrafts, these stuffs can be quite pricey.  

Creating handicrafts can be for personal use or simply as gifts for loved ones and friends. But, you can be surprised that you too can create your own handicrafts and sell them to your friends and use social media and other online media.

With an investment on the beads, wires and other fashion accessory tools plus a little creativity, you are good to go.


Cross Training: Off - Road Mountain Biking

struggling uphill

with fellow Team Matutum bikers on 26+km route

my own hydration boost: coconut juice
I been wishing to join triathlon and I can only do that if I go serious training with my running, biking and swimming.   For now, I simply want to train for my marathon next year, and start with swimming lesson program this Summer.

The off - road biking earlier was around 27 km with only 2 km of sandy and rocky off - road biking. For a newbie, the off - road biking can quite cause me to be more anxious and worried. Well, I can only overcome my fear and stay balanced through the rough course.

So, how important is cross training to a runner and alike? Cross - training gives  you the varied flavor from the training program your pursuing. Running 4 -  5 times a week can be a draining and tough ordeal and having a cross train can deviate your mind from the fatigue and boredom of doing the same thing again and again.

You may have a cross - training in swimming, aerobics, yoga or basketball or soccer. The thing is, you just have to be recharged from your cross - training to keep your endurance, agility and spirit high.


Monday, November 19, 2012

How to Have a Safe Travel with Kids

We will be soon traveling across the country and abroad, and what can be a better post than some tips about travelling.

If you are bringing your own vehicle, then, it is a must that you check the condition of your vehicle. Consider the acronym BLOWBAGS for Battery, Light,  Oil, Water, Brakes, Airbag, Gas, Safety Signs So, with your vehicle  all set, then the rest of the tips below can make your travel comfy and fun.

  • Consider the weather where you are heading. Bring the necessary apparel for the weather at least one or two and if budget would suffice, then, you can buy more in your destination;
  • Bring all your travel documents like passport and visa. Photocopy these for your safety;
  • Leave behind unwanted valuables like jewelry, extra cash or extra credit cards; 
  • Bring only prescribed medicines with their prescription from physicians and if possible medicines should be in their original packaging;
  • Secure all your things and luggage.
  • Enjoy shopping for best buys and consider shopping taxes and shipment / handling;
  • Travel light  for easy mobility;
  • Consider the local customs and laws in the destination;
  • Have an itinerary in place and make a copy for your families at home;
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Couple Recreation: Airsoft Group - GenSan Chapter

my partner in airsoft action

with fellow airsofters
Fun can be more especially if shared with loved ones may  it be indoor or as extreme as airsoft playing. The bb's hit can be quite tough especially for women but I guess playing as teammate goes beyond husband and wife.

So, when you like to foster more bonding to your marriage, share a recreation or two like going to the gym together or running, these and more can be quite effective.

If you like to join the ASG GenSan, find us in Facebook.


When Parents Influence Their Kids' Career or Education

Being in school allows me to  see various students pursuing their chosen course for different reasons and it is never rare to hear students or young graduates pursuing their chosen degree simply because their parents compel them.

While following the parents' chosen career seems to be the natural course of action, it is undeniable that some students simply are not apt for their parents' choice of education or career.

Consequently, students end up dropping their subjects or eventually not attending school for lack of interest. So, should you need to see your kids pursuing law, medicine or to see your kids in proud uniforms like in   nurse scrubs, make sure that they are intrinsically motivated, so, they can be more committed and be happier with their work.


Helping Your Kids Get Good Grades

While having parents who are intelligent make your kids get the edge, nurturing their skills can be quite tough. So, how can you practically help your kids do better in schools? 

Let me suggest the following:

  • Enroll your student in the right school where your kids’ distinct learning style can be appropriately addressed;
  • Help your kids with their school activities. You may not capable of doing these at all times but letting your kids know that you care would somehow personally motivate them;
  • Get extra help if needed;
  • Enforce a good learning habit to your kids like they have to do their homeworks first before playtime;
  • Limit the time given if exams are due in few days;
  • Motivate your  kids if they do well with the right rewards materially or not.

Remember that grades are not only the only measure of your kids’ IQ, so, if they get low scores, you know that there can be possible causes and knowing these can help your kids better.


Sunday, November 18, 2012

Tips to New Mother

Finally, my  younger sibling is due to give birth in coming days and we could only be excited to see the new addition in the family only that we still have travel to see the little bugger.

Motherhood is a blessing and a total revelation simply because your character is put to test and your relationship with your family bonds more.

So, when you give birth, there are of course medical instructions that you need to follow. Having drained your energy in giving birth, a nice relaxing deep in a bathtub with  claw foot tub faucet   and lukewarm water with scents can be quite soothing.

Further, if you prefer breastfeeding, then right nutrition must be observed. In the Philippines, we let the new moms take soup for more milk.

If possible, spending time with your newborn can be quite rewarding. So, use the baby's sleep time for you to rest too and his / her wake time your up - time as well. This way, you get to share quality TLC.  


Making Up for Family Time

Second semester is finally up and running and I’m officially done with my graduate school. So, I could only be much relieved now that my own personal schooling is done. 

trail running 21km in Lake Sebu

Somehow, I could make up with the time lost with family  and store and with my personal recreations – running and biking. I could only hope that I can finish all my tasks before they pile more.
having fun with my partner - photographer

Naturally, I have all my free time – playing,  working for our store  and attending to my kiddo and partner.
So, what a liberation to enjoy! 

Happy days ahead, everyone.


Friday, November 2, 2012

Dia Espanol for the Kids

After months of graduate school and comprehensive exam reviews and actual tests, I can only be very excited and relieved that everything is over except that I am still anxious of the results to arrive next week.

My graduate school had consumed much of my time away from family and our store. So, I had to keep my store reports and audits  piled up as I work on computer programs, paper works, exams and more for school. Now that it is finally over, I could only feel liberated.

So, a day after my graduate school comprehensive exam, I was only excited to join my husband and kid in his school Spanish Day.

The venue was filled with students on their colorful Spanish costumes while parents and guardians were anxious of their kids' presentations.

I was however sleepy but when the Spanish songs filled the room and saw the kids performed made me appreciated the time I had with my family.

Each grade level had to perform various Spanish dances with matching music instruments including   cymbals   paired with their props of fans and alike.

But, apart from the song and dance presentations, the emcees and guests had to deliver their speech in Spanish. Isn't that cool?

performing Gangnam Style on Spanish Day
So, I am glad that I can spend more time with my family especially now that they have their semestral break before they would resume their classes on Monday.


Fun Family Halloween @ Cemetery Run

with my loved ones on a Halloween Run

Being a member of a running community,  I am only obliged to join hosting fun runs and  the latest was this Halloween  Fun Run held at a local cemetery.

So, to make the run more exciting, we were on witch costumes and the make - up of our Kreativ Family Salon beautician made the costume all real.

With more than 200 runners together with friends and families, the Halloween Run was all eerie but fun.