Friday, November 2, 2012

Dia Espanol for the Kids

After months of graduate school and comprehensive exam reviews and actual tests, I can only be very excited and relieved that everything is over except that I am still anxious of the results to arrive next week.

My graduate school had consumed much of my time away from family and our store. So, I had to keep my store reports and audits  piled up as I work on computer programs, paper works, exams and more for school. Now that it is finally over, I could only feel liberated.

So, a day after my graduate school comprehensive exam, I was only excited to join my husband and kid in his school Spanish Day.

The venue was filled with students on their colorful Spanish costumes while parents and guardians were anxious of their kids' presentations.

I was however sleepy but when the Spanish songs filled the room and saw the kids performed made me appreciated the time I had with my family.

Each grade level had to perform various Spanish dances with matching music instruments including   cymbals   paired with their props of fans and alike.

But, apart from the song and dance presentations, the emcees and guests had to deliver their speech in Spanish. Isn't that cool?

performing Gangnam Style on Spanish Day
So, I am glad that I can spend more time with my family especially now that they have their semestral break before they would resume their classes on Monday.



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