Monday, November 19, 2012

How to Have a Safe Travel with Kids

We will be soon traveling across the country and abroad, and what can be a better post than some tips about travelling.

If you are bringing your own vehicle, then, it is a must that you check the condition of your vehicle. Consider the acronym BLOWBAGS for Battery, Light,  Oil, Water, Brakes, Airbag, Gas, Safety Signs So, with your vehicle  all set, then the rest of the tips below can make your travel comfy and fun.

  • Consider the weather where you are heading. Bring the necessary apparel for the weather at least one or two and if budget would suffice, then, you can buy more in your destination;
  • Bring all your travel documents like passport and visa. Photocopy these for your safety;
  • Leave behind unwanted valuables like jewelry, extra cash or extra credit cards; 
  • Bring only prescribed medicines with their prescription from physicians and if possible medicines should be in their original packaging;
  • Secure all your things and luggage.
  • Enjoy shopping for best buys and consider shopping taxes and shipment / handling;
  • Travel light  for easy mobility;
  • Consider the local customs and laws in the destination;
  • Have an itinerary in place and make a copy for your families at home;
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