Sunday, November 18, 2012

Tips to New Mother

Finally, my  younger sibling is due to give birth in coming days and we could only be excited to see the new addition in the family only that we still have travel to see the little bugger.

Motherhood is a blessing and a total revelation simply because your character is put to test and your relationship with your family bonds more.

So, when you give birth, there are of course medical instructions that you need to follow. Having drained your energy in giving birth, a nice relaxing deep in a bathtub with  claw foot tub faucet   and lukewarm water with scents can be quite soothing.

Further, if you prefer breastfeeding, then right nutrition must be observed. In the Philippines, we let the new moms take soup for more milk.

If possible, spending time with your newborn can be quite rewarding. So, use the baby's sleep time for you to rest too and his / her wake time your up - time as well. This way, you get to share quality TLC.  



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