Monday, December 10, 2012

How To Go To Zamboanga City

When my family had to visit a new city, I was practically sleepless in the evenings and anxious what would happen to the entire course of our vacation should we stay for a couple of days in a new city with no one to assist us.

So, it is only proper that I start this "How - To - Go - To" section to assist whoever wants to visit the my beloved hometown.

Let us start with Zamboanga City. It is situated in Western Mindanao and the last city  in the western side of the country. You can practically head to this beautiful Latin City of the South through by land, sea or air.

2GoFerry from Zamboanga City to GenSan City

For years, Super Ferry (now 2GO) used to travel to GenSan City from Davao and Zamboanga City, however, this year, the sea trips have been canceled until further notice.

If coming from Zamboanga City Airport, you can hail a trike but they can be quite pricey, so, make sure that you contract the driver for a fixed rate. There are several cheap hotels and inns along the airport's block but you can always go the mid - city and stay at Perlita Hotel or Paradise Hotel at reasonable rates. They are accessible to most shopping centers of Zamboanga..

Enjoy a nice run around Pryce Memorial at Sinunuc
 There are ancient tourist destinations in Zamboanga City which includes the miraculous Fort Pilar. You can walk to this spot for a kilometer or less from the city.
Miraculous Fort Pilar

 After your prayer at Fort Pilar, stay until early ( or late) evening at Paseo del Mar and enjoy the sight of Sta Cruz Island and watch the Badjao natives as they sell their sea crafts or dive for your donated coins.

Night life is quite good in Zamboanga City, if you simply want a Karaoke - good dine place, there's a resto strip in Paseo del Mar or at Yubengco Mall in Guiwan.

If you have the luxury of time and budget, enjoy a free (almost) run or swim around the city's sports complex in Baliwasan. You can also do an island hopping to Sta Cruz Island for a minimal fee. You can coordinate with the city's Tourism Council.

So, before you head home, try their food delicacies. I personally love the city's buko pie at Antonio's and the crabs immersed in bagoong gata at Alavar's.

For more details, you can check out the city's website. Have fun in Zamboanga City!



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