Monday, December 10, 2012

How to Have a Budget Travel

We wish to have a fun vacation but sometimes this can be dampened or even unthought of  especially if matters of budget are considered.

So, how can you have a budget travel? Let me suggest the following tips:

  1. Maximize the air promos in your desired destinations. Sometimes though that these promos are set to remote dates of travel, so, have a keen foresight as to when you can possibly travel;
  2. Assess all your accommodation packages. Check for low - rate hotels but make sure that safety and basic comfort is not at all compromised.
  3. Travel light, so, as you don't to pay extra for excess baggage or hail for a comfy but expensive transportation. But, if you so desire, then there are taxis or tampa limousine service for hire.  
  4. With light bags, you can practically ride on public transportation like buses, jeepneys, or trike for lesser fares. If travel on foot is possible, then, do this.
  5. Before you head out of your place, have a light load of snacks and hydration for a cheaper hydration session.  Stay clear from buying randomly.
  6. It would help you a lot if you can speak the local's dialect even for basic instructions but if not, then, a chat with the city officials or police can be quite helpful.
  7. Keep a handy load of local money and seed money through your cards just in case emergency expenses arrive. 



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