Saturday, December 21, 2013

Unique Filipino Markings

Filipinos are known for many things and that would include winning from athletic competitions, beauty pageants to even pursuing noble advocacy.

But, what can be unique identification that one is a Filipino?  Let  us dissect the following unique characteristics of Filipinos:

  1. Take pictures of themselves with their foodies;
  2. Ride in jeepneys;
  3. Can text with two hands and even without looking at the keypad;
  4. Stay in social media like Facebook practically everyday and spend at least an hour;
  5. Sell regardless of the  media;
  6. Love karaoke singing;
  7. Engage in musical play / concerts that most families do have guitars at home. 
  8. Smile a lot in spite of circumstances;
  9. Friendly even to strangers;
While there are downsides of being Filipino, I am however proud that I am born Filipino and share this pride with my ancestors and the generations to come.


Have a Playtime With Your Kid

Having to work while being a parent can be quite tough as I juggle my time being a mother, wife, employee, entrepreneur and athlete.

But, what can be more fun other than the fact that I can  use my training time to bond with my partner and son. My passion for running and multi - sports is shared with my boys that they too are now training for their upcoming triathlon.

When kids share your passion and you use your recreational time for training and as you do that, you  train with your spouse or kids can be quite  a delight.

You don't have to share the same sports with your kids; spending  quality play time with your kids or partner can be  a good way to boost your romantic or filial relationships.

Find a recreational activity that can be both interesting to you and your loved ones, and I am sure you will find more than pleasure.


Friday, December 13, 2013

Why Family Should Play Together

Sharing a passion with your family would mean a positive motivation as you allow yourself and your loved ones to spend time together doing the thing you love.

For some, sports like swimming, biking or running can be a common ground for spouses or / and children or siblings to bond together and to compete together. You can try music too with all the musical instrument including washburn j6 at music123, learning and playing can be extra cool.

with my training buddy, kid and husband for triathlon biking

Training for triathlon and marathon can be a gruesome experience for me as it requires much time to train almost  5 - 6 days a week. And, to add this along with daytime job and family workload, the competition can put an added pressure. But, when families support one another and actually go through the same experience, the toil can be less burdensome.

So, with training equipment / gadget including music player with your loved ones or friends with you, training can be fun.

But families don't necessarily need sports to bond together, recreational events like yoga or recreational badminton among others can be shared.

So, the next time you need to level up your relationship, try sports.


Thursday, December 12, 2013

Must - Read Tips for Professional Regulatory Commission Application

It was our first time to apply for PRC Professional Teachers' Board exam and since we had only our uniting in LET November 2013, we had to battle about getting all our records - Special Order, Transcript of Records, NSO birth certificates ( and marriage certificate for married applicants), and current year CEDULA.

Since the last day of filing is  December 13 and we had our Transcript of Records  last December  9, we had to be absent from work to go to PRC - Davao from General Santos City to seek priority number for appointment.

The priority number was already a torture that we had to sleep over at the PRC building to secure a more decent priority number. The priority number shall show the appointment date you need to be in PRC to process your  board exam application.

We got our priority last Tuesday and our appointment for Thursday. So, with the 3 - hour travel time from GenSan City to Davao, we left our place at 2am.

Since the PRC - Davao is a small office, applicants would have to wait outside the building (under the scorching heat) until their priority  number  is called (normally in a 10 - person batch).

When you apply, make sure that you have all your records straighten out. Check the spelling of your name, gender, birthdate,  your parents' and all these against your TOR. The requirements listed in PRC website must be complied but to assert the truthfulness of your records, it will be wiser to bring the diploma ( original and photocopy), the husband's birth certificate ( especially if your husband is a foreigner).  Don't forget though that you need to apply online.

When your priority number is called, the PRC staff shall assess your records and if everything is OK, you shall be given other forms to fill - up, pay the 900.00 application fee and wait for the Notice of Admission.

One hard lesson from applying for PRC board exam is the fact that applying late would mean going through hell and back.

I wasn't  able to apply successfully as my academic records show conflict. All the trouble could have been avoided if  I didn't assume that my records are all ok. I could have asked more help from others.

photo source: PRC website

So, if you are to apply for PRC, make sure that you get all the records correctly and to apply the early avoiding the bulk  of late registrants. And, if you are from different place other than the PRC venue, go for the PRC mobile instead or if this isn't possible, better make your entire week free and available. Best of luck


Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Family Competes for Triathlon

My husband, kid and I shall be joining our first triathlon and what could a better category than to try the shortest distance to do all three events successively.

So, come December 15, I shall be putting my trainings to test and cast all my fears away. I am however hesitant with my swimming skills as I need to take breaks in between long laps.

My kid and husband, however, shall be joining the December 21 triathlon in General Santos City instead.  We have been training for months but I guess it seems that trainings are not yet complete.

With less than two (2) weeks left, I could only find ways to train again and still remain relaxed, so, attending to music resto would do good. Now, if only these music bars do have high - end music equipment like alto saxophone cases backpack then, it would be more fun.

This triathlon shall be my last competition for the year and after that, it shall be ultra - marathon training for me. 


Sports: Teaching Your Kid Character

Character is built not acquired and we teach our kids the right character  at the earliest time possible, so, their habits become their character.

However, teaching our kids the right values demands that we live by our words and be consistent about it otherwise, they too shall have a flickering definition of values.

Experts say that sports are our means to healthy living but sports can be fine venues too to build character.  Kids who are exposed to sports live by the ideals of discipline, hardwork, teamwork, determination, self - esteem, honor and more.

my son competes in a 5km run race
So, don't be afraid to let your kids engage in sports because if they are physically healthy and no medical issues, any sport that interests them is as good as any other sport there is.

my husband and son take a break from a trail biking
My husband and I are into running and triathlon, and we are only too glad that our kid has begun to fall in love with the very passion that we undertake  along with his first love, soccer.

We could only hope that  he grows with the positive character that the sports teach him.


Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Christmas Gift Ideas for Family and Friends

In few weeks, local stores will be filled up with lots of shoppers and in as much as we want to avoid the shopping rush, we can reduce the time for searching for good picks if we know what to buy  or make.

Remember that we can always be creative in making our own stuffs and have them for gifts.

Personalized gift ideas:

1. Add chocolates / goodies / any sweet foodies in a glass personalized with decors.
2. Create your own fashion accessories like earrings, necklaces, bracelets, or anklets from loose stones, some wires, and tweezers.

self - made slippers from long shoe laces and personally cut leather sheets

3. Make slippers from  sheets of soft - padded soles or leather.
barefoot slippers out from shoe laces and loose beads

4. Create embroidered sheets or sew patches for pillows.
5. Create personalized cards.
6. Create customized Christmas decors from  soda straws, or soda's tin cap, foils for bags among others.

You may have your own gift ideas that you can personally hand make but if you don't have the time then, there are always local or online stores that you can search from.  

Scout the stores for bags, apparel, shoes, perfumes, gadgets or  fashion jewelry wholesale  to name a few.

In time of sharing and giving, it shall warm our hearts to see our friends and loved ones happier with our tokens of love and friendship


Monday, November 25, 2013

A Reflection on People with Disability

Ludwig van Beethoven, deaf but renowned pianist

One of the last subjects we have for Licensure Education for Teachers is Special Education. And, as a requirement, we needed to attend a seminary by Professor Rosario Villasor for a half - day of inputs.

We were asked to write a reaction paper about it but I made a reflection instead as the inputs are overwhelming. 

".. I always admire  teachers and experts including families who are able to raise and teach kids with special needs. If given a chance, I would want to be a SPED teacher.While we would not want to raise a family member who has disability since we know we don’t have the resources or the skills to help the special kid.  However, having heard from the resource speaker, it made me realized that the government and other agencies / schools / individuals can actually help families with special kids.
When I was pregnant with my son, I had all the usual anxiety as I feared that he would have physical or mental disability. And, so, I constantly prayed that he would just grow up in my womb in perfect condition. However, I was operated when I was 4 – months pregnant and went through a major marital problem that my pregnancy was constantly threatened. My surgery and emotional pressures led me to worry more of my baby. 
My kid grew up well except that he was quite behind with his learning skills compared to his cousins of same age. He didn’t show the usual developmental milestones, and, so, I asked his  pediatrician if he was manifesting ADHD or autism.  Too glad though, that he was just a late bloomer and glad that he’s performing better.
The seminar may be short but it made me understand more the challenge of special kids, they conditions they are in, and how that challenge the family and the community.  It was an eye – opener although a confirmation too, that special kids still do have abilities to show.If only kids with special needs are given early interventions,  they can grow as independent and self – sufficient or self – reliant like ordinary people. And, while the challenge is upon the family and the ones who provide the necessary care, I believe that more can be done if given at earliest stage of intervention.
Showing sympathy is not helping but showing respect and encouragement is.  While I may not still know how to handle kids with disability should they shall be in my class, I guess with the inputs of the resource speaker earlier and formal training in special education, I can be progressively become a good SPED teacher some day.
Having known the probable causes of disability and the different disabilities, I can educate and influence my students and the people around me that disability can be prevented as the case of pre – natal – linked conditions  or it can be helped if the disability is brought by an accident.
If everyone is educated about kids with special needs, perhaps, there will be less emotionally – disturbed people, or people who died in suicide, or kids abused by parents who were abused themselves.
If everyone is educated, then perhaps, the community  shall be less hostile about kids with disability, and more facilities and support could be given to them especially to rural areas.  Unfortunately, only the well – off can help the kids with special needs and the ones who belong
to low / middle class families, they would rather keep the kids from the society.
With the constitutional provisions like FAPE and IDEA made for kids with special needs, families and the kid with disability can assert their rights and perform their duties and enjoy the interventions that are given or provided for.
Special education is a tough job but it can be  quite rewarding too if  teachers, professionals, parents, and the community can make a difference to the lives of the special kids. And, it can be more rewarding if  we can help the special kids lead an equally normal life and be as productive citizen of the community.
And, I would like to highlight what the Professor mentioned that the community must look up to  the abilities of the  special individuals rather than focus on what they can’t do.  And, with that, as a  teacher I can make a difference to touching the special kids and their family one step at a time.


Monday, November 4, 2013

Amazing Differently – Abled Talents

With active social media,  we can’t be surprised anymore of individuals from different races, gender, ages and statuses who have shown amazing talents in singing, dancing, sports, academics, politics and more.

Consider world – renowned persons like Albert Einstein who had dyslexia but known for his theory of relativity, or Ludwig Van Beethoven  who gradually lost his hearing but completed his Ninth Symphony when he was totally deaf or blind Olympian runner Marla Runyan.

And, while an able person who has no physical /mental restraints chooses to be dysfunctional for whatever reason, the onlookers can only feel disappointed.

It is important then that the family and the environment as a whole provides a full support systems, so, the  person with disability can still function as normal as possible.

So, if your kid is happier with music as he spends time playing musical instrument or equipment like piano, guitar, or simply singing,  encourage this interest as this would do him good.

Disability should never stop a person to maximize his or her skills. I believe that everyone, physically abled or otherwise should be given equal opportunities.


Sports: Teaching Your Kids About Character

Sports can be tough to  a young physical structure of a kid or even can be tough to him mentally and emotionally.  The  pressure can be high too both from trainings and actual competition.

But, over and above all the restraints  and pressures of sports, experts strongly suggest sports can do good as it would be a contributing factor to a healthier body and stronger character.

Sports do teach about values like discipline, responsibility, perseverance, humility, self - esteem, and love for the craft and support from family and friends.

All these values are not  just applicable to sports but even to life problems and endeavors. When kids exercise strong character in sports, they embody this  as well even outside the sports competition and even when they  grow up. Some may grow up becoming leaders, engineers, designers among others.

So, ask your kids what interest them, and scout your local community for a sport that can meet up your kids’ desire.

The extra expense may be unwanted  but the lifelong benefits of sports kids are limitless.


Sunday, October 27, 2013

Stephen Bishop Live in Gensan

As I type, the American  acoustic singer is having his concert at Lagao Gymnasium in General Santos City. This concert dubbed as “Might Be You” is Stephen Bishop, Live in GenSan, is among the many Philippines tours of Stephen Bishop along with national balladeer Nonoy Zuniga.

Tickets are priced at P2, 050 (VIP), P1, 800 (Patron), P1, 250 (Lower Box A), P1, 100 (Lower Box B), P550 (Upper Box), and P300 (General Admission).

With  loved songs, good voice, air - conditioned place and high - end  musical instrument, the musical concert shall be a blast.

I have my ticket but the songs of Stephen Bishop is too slow for me and I could have wanted my parents to watch the concert but my pop just had to decline.

I am sure the older generation who are watching the concert is simply having fun.


Friday, October 25, 2013

Boosting Your Kids' Confidence

with my kid and nephew after the show
 I have only one kid and I could remember that he was quite shy as he had no other playmates at home except the adults.

So, I had to make him go to school quite earlier than the usual school age. But, having done so, he learned to socialize with other kids, learned to sing and to dance before a big crowd. Well, of course, I could not be so proud with his academic grades although his IQ test proves that his IQ is of their 2nd honor student.

my kid with his grade 5 classmates on a Spanish dance
One of the factors that quite affects the personality of students is the role of schools and their teachers.  My kid is doing ok with his academics, now, that he is grade 5. But, one for sure, he could respond confidently when he talks to others even to adults and persons of authorities. He could rationalize for conditions beyond his age.

Only environment - the role of family, schools and the community boost confidence and as a parent, one must be able to highlight to their kids the difference between arrogance and confidence.

When kids are confident, they become self - reliant and assertive, and with that, you would know that they will just be ok whenever and wherever he will be.


Saturday, October 19, 2013

Expensive Halloween Costume

Come November 1 and 2, the streets shall be filled with scary stuffs but with party grooves on cool Halloween costumes.

This makes me wonder how an expensive Halloween costume can look like. Well, how about this $1M human slinky posted on eBay where $100,000 shall be donated to American Cancer Society.  Well, I guess if you  ever want the wackiest and weirdest and most expensive costume while helping, this human slinky is way OK.

photo source:

But,  I guess if you are budget - tight, then any of the Halloween costumes like sexy halloween costumes is not at all bad.

In fact, one can create homemade costumes from old clothes, some paints, and loose decors.  So, simply have fun!


Wednesday, October 16, 2013

The Benefits of Massage and Spa

It is undeniable that pressure from work, family, lifestyle can quite pose a strain on us, physically and mentally that we need only a boost.

While we have different means to get recharge, may it be through sports or  meditation to name a few, others like me resort to body massage.

Body massage is an orthodox medium to get healed and can be dated to old ages and its health benefits are boundless to include better blood circulation, proper digestion,  better well - being, relaxed nerves, and relieved mental and physical tension.

Having been involved in sports like running, biking and swimming and competitive races are both fun and stressful. The hours of training along with my daytime job and role as mother – wife can be somehow a toil I have to endure.

photo source:

Body massage is always a delight but to find one good massage center suited for my active lifestyle is just like finding a needle in a haystack. So, it is more delightful that there  is one new massage and spa center, the ATMAN SPA that provides various massage and spa services to include the unique ATMAN’S SPORTS MASSAGE. The unique strokes and stretching are a relief and a pamper to sore muscles.
photo source:

So, the next time you need to get de – charged or de – stressed or simply wanted to have a pampered fun day, try the newest ATMAN SPA located along Magsaysay Avenue corner Biateles Street and enjoy their spacious and hotel – like rooms and out – of – the – country – inspired spa and massage.

They are opened from 10am to 3am every day. Last service shall be at 2am.  With individual or package services ranging from 150.00 1,500.00 will be all worth it with the amenities and services that they have.

Go try their Atman Signature massage for a relaxing feel!


Sunday, August 25, 2013

Cultivating a Family Culture for Sports

They say that children are defined by the beliefs, hobbies, and character of their parents.  While this can be possibly true to some families, it can be quite a mistake for others.

But, can we really connect parents’ pursuit of hobbies be adopted by their children? Probably, yes.   Kids do have their own liking. I have asked my

With my husband in one of our airsoft games

running barefoot with my kid
Parents may opt to like reading novels, playing golf, singing or dancing with led pinspot at musician's friend among others but the idea is let us encourage our kids to play and to bond with  others and not be a couch potato with belly and sickness await them.

We can only effectively encourage them, if we, as parents, are equally active and supportive.


Have Family Time

Sunday is the only day that I can join my kid for some time as we have the days for school and work. And, since I use my early morning and evening for triathlon training, and whole Saturday for my schooling, I have only the Sunday to spend quality time with him.

with my kiddo at newly - opened mall

So, whenever we can,  my partner and I bring our son to a mall time and movie of his choice just to get away from usual stress and just have fun with him.

movie time after meal

Different families do have their different ways to bond together. Regardless of the medium, it is imperative that we take a break from our usual routine and just let loose with our loved ones. 


Saturday, August 10, 2013

Tia Nina Pizza: A Family's Best Choice

My husband and kid are pizza lover and I tell you they can devour more than I can take.  So, if ever asked what pizza they would prefer, I guess they love more a pizza  that offers variety.

So, I am more than glad that  there is Tia Nina Pizza Grill along Osmena Street in General Santos City to offer reasonably priced pizza variety including their specialty of strong flavored fully topped dough and their super - sized of 32 inches in diameter.

32 - inch pizza

But, wait! There is more!  They offer now pasta and chicken and some pizza for vegetarian too.   Their combo meal of chicken and rice with drinks is only priced at around 130.00.

Tia Nina's specialty

But, if ever asked what I want to see in Tia Nina, I would want that each table is filled with computer stations powered by Avira Business Security Suite  for easy customer order.

With more than 10 branches in Mindanao as far as Zamboanga City, Tia Nina is one pizza house worthy to check.


Why Running in a Group is Better

encouraging other running newbies to sustain running through weekly runs

When I started my passion for running, I was only doing  some rounds around a local mall park. The experience was all boring however, I had no other chance since as a woman, running is quite restricted.

So, good thing  that I found other people who run a lot and share my passion. Since 2011 then, I have been running with Team Matutum.
run my first marathon with my team

What good then it is that you run with  a group? Here are my favorite reasons:
Team Matutum, my running group in recently conducted 10km race
  • Running becomes less boring as you get to talk while running, so, attention from the run is drifted.
  • You level up in speed or distance as the rest of your team is doing so.
  • You share resources for long runs or travel runs.
  • You begin to receive tips from the veteran or seasoned runners.

  • You get to go to new places for trail runs or races.
  • You meet new people.
  • You enjoy the perks of registering as a group or membership discounts with store  partners.
  • You or your team get featured on magazines (like my team on Runner's World Philippines) or local / national news.
While we have our individual schedule for training, at least, the team can schedule a run or two for a group workout.


Tuesday, July 16, 2013

When Parents Are Working

In present times,  most parents have to work and the kids are left to nannies or child center.  Regardless of the case, the cost of living is high and that individual parent simply has to pursue a carer that family time is compromised between  work, self and family demands.

But, working with crown security fingerprint time clock can have its perks like better financing, improved self - esteem and self - worth.

These perks have their downsides too like less time for  the kids, have to entrust them to others and that separation anxiety.

I work and I am mother but it gives me pleasure that I grow as a person and with that I hope to become a better mom too.


Teaching Your Kid About Money

Having been raised from a middle class family where both of my parents were working  on meager income, I could remember  that we couldn't get anything we wanted compared to some friends.

And, since it was always imposed on us that earning a living is hard, we have to be spartan in so many ways. Now, that I have my own kid I just have to teach him practical ways to know that value of money.

Experts suggest the following activities for kids:

  • Engage the kids in computing the bills including budget for food, education, communication and alike.
  • Explain to kids that some have more while others have less and knowing that they have enough will make appreciate what they have
  • Distinguish wants, needs and the impossible.
  • Teach how to earn their own money  like selling juice or home - made candies.
  • Involve them in your shopping. Let the kids pay for some stuffs.
  • Teach the kids to save and having their own savings account will encourage them to save.
  • Explain to the kids the use and nature of credit cards as responsibility of paying can be toll for not paying promptly.
  • Discourage the kids about debts.
  • Show to kids how to reuse and recycle and how they can make money from these. A visit to thrift shop can help.


Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Tips to Stress - Free Days

It is undeniable that stress can brought various health problems including obesity, heart problems, skin problems, sleep disorders, digestion problems, cancer and deaths among others.

We are all prone to stress caused by pressures from peers, family, work, financial problems, family issues, hectic schedules and the list can go on.

joining fun runs can be fun; photo credit: Arnel Joshua Lim

But, we can address stress appropriately and by seeking medical guide or at least find ways to divert stress and have a positive disposition.

You may choose to have an indoor sports or recreation like yoga, chess, dancing or do outdoor works like swimming, biking, running or horseback riding  to name a few.

Stress is a serious thing and the remedy is on our hands and our support systems.


Home Remedies for Scar

I recently had a bike crash when we were having fun biking on off - road trail but I lost my brake as I went downhill.

Good thing that I only incurred broken fourth metatarsal and some bruises on face, legs and arms. Now, that the discoloration and swelling had subsided and my hand fixed up, I could only make my hand recover for 6 weeks and worry about scars.

photo source:

I bought an over - the - counter anti - scar called Contractubex priced at PHP 530.00 from Rose Pharmacy. With its pricey tag, I could only wish that home remedies are available.

So, I did my research and glad I could do an inventory of all possible home remedies for scar:

  • Aloe Vera. This plant has moisturizing component that can make the scar smaller and lighter. You can even mix aloe vera and vitamin E to make a mixture.
  • Vitamin E. This would help soften the scars.
  • Rose hip seed oil. This is a typical solution for skin problems including  dermatitis, acne and scarring.
  • Lemon juice. The acidic property of lemon can be used as a bleaching solution. Apply this for an hour,  30 minutes before you take a bath.
  • Almond Oil or  Olive Oil. These have similar effects like Vitamin and can be applied 2x a day.
  • Tea tree Oil. This has anti - bacterial component that can help prevent scarring.
Remember to consult with your doctor first especially if you have serious cuts  and scars for best and faster remedy.


Home Remedies for Eczema Scars
How Scars Work
Home Remedies for Scars


Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Organizing Your Files

Organizing Your Files Manually through Windows Explorer
Nothing can be more irritating other than having files lost or misplaced  or worse having insufficient space for your files.

So, what can you best do to organize your files? Here are the tips:

  1. clean hard drive from unwanted files, documents, presentations, downloads.
  2. Organize your files and folders according to their nature. Say, save your music downloads under music folder. You may organize the songs by artists and delete or update them easily.
  3. Move your rarely used pictures / songs / videos to external drive.
  4. Conduct regular clean up say once every month or quarter.
  5. Maximize free or sold online drives for storage.
The idea of housekeeping can also be done on our hardware.  With a knowledge of what to keep and their duration can help us save on space and time in searching.  If space however is a must, then, invest on external drives or upgrades or online storages for back - up.


Attending to a Sick Family Member

My recent hand injury made my usual activities and even ordinary movements quite difficult as I could barely eat, wash, write with my weak left arm. Good thing that my loved ones are around to make almost everything comfortable.

When your family member is sick, it can practically affect everyone else at home but we try as much as possible to make the life of the sick member as natural as possible.

photo source:

So, we assist them with needs they can’t fully do. In my case, I quite need help to wash my clothes, peel or cut finger foods, and carry loads of stuffs. At least, I can still write but quite tedious and time inefficient.
We can extend our help but anticipate possible indignation. Further, there are equipment and gadgets that can be of assistance.

Regardless, our sick member needs support and an extra TLC is more than welcomed.


Team Matutum Celebrates Father's Day With a Run

Team Matutum for Father's Day; photo credit: Arnel Joshua Lim
We honor our parents and since we love running, we ran to honor both our parents.  So, last May, we celebrated Mother's Day with a run from Robinson's Mall to Alabel and back with more than 40 runners to commend all the running mothers and all our moms.

But, June wont pass with out equally honoring our fathers. So, last June 16, we ran 21km on trail route to Sinawal.  We had the day as well for initiation and Election of Board of Trustees for Team Matutum.

So, with beautiful scenery, good Sunday songs  and sumptuous breakfast, we had one great run with friends and loved ones.


Applying First Aid After a Crash

I recently had a crash landing when my bike lost its brake as I rode downhill on off – road terrain.  I badly hit my thighs, arms and legs that my hand and left cheek bone were all swollen.

My Other companions had immediately assess if I had broken bones and attend to my scrapes and bruises.  One was able to get some ice and had them on my swollen cheeks. Unfortunately, I didn’t have any cloth to wrap the ice with making my cheeks burn. But, somehow the swell and the pain subsided.

With cold water, I cleaned my dusty and beaten extremities and upper body.  I had to check my hand as it remained immobile and swollen.

My other friend had to search for some betadine and cotton to apply  anti-septic. If only I had known that my metatarsal was broken, we could have added some support.

Lesson indeed was learned that I have to always check my bikes before riding them and to have first aid kit handy.


Friday, May 17, 2013

Mother and Child on Blugre Coffee

 When we were doing a bloggers hang - out at Blugree Coffee, SM City, we were informed of a Blugre contest dubbed as "My Photo, My Blugre.'

The mechanics was simple; we had to submit our best photo, get the most number of likes for a photo and for the Blugre Fan Page.
our winning Mother and Child photo; photo credits: Arnel Joshua Lim
We were anxious how we would get the right photo, if we need to use extra props, go outside the Blugre shop, and just hang out somewhere else with hydraulic blocks as contrast.
cover photo; photo source: Blugre Coffee Fan Page

Since it is a campaign contest, it was tougher for me, so, I resorted to inviting family members and friends to cast their votes. I was simply thankful that a good number responded making us lead the race.

So, for everyone who voted for us and for Blugre Coffee for holding the contest, our greatest thank you!


Mother's Day Run Special

May 12, 2013 was Mother's Day in the Philippines and this was one special day for a mother like me and to honor my mom, my being a mother and all the mothers out there, we chose to hold a run from Robinson's Mall to Provincial Capitol in Alabel covering 21km loop.

Runners for Mother's Day Run; photo credits: Arnel Joshua Lim
40 runners swarmed the streets of General  Santos City who ran different distances depending on the runner's choice.

Mother's Day Runners; photo credits: Arnel Joshua Lim
It was an easy run and fun as the pacing was relaxed. I had the chance as well to run a longer distance beyond 16km. Plus, I was able to run on slippers for the first 10km and on bare feet for the remaining 10km. I was joined by other barefoot advocates too.

with fellow barefoot runners and minimalist; photo credits: Arnel Joshua Lim
The run ended with a fellowship breakfast; we were joined by new runners and old friends we hadn't seen for awhile and that had made the more fun.

So, this may be late, but cheers to all moms all over the world.


Practical Tips on Buying Your Kids' School Things

June is just few weeks around the block and  that would mean attending to your kids' school belongings and enrollment among others.

photo source:

So, before you head to the shopping center and buy school things, it would be wiser to consider the following:
  1. Enroll your student observing the dates of enrollment;
  2. Get a checklist of what should be purchased;
  3. If budget is tight, classify the things like college books whether high priority or not. Buy the ones who are limited in supply   and the ones that are considered necessary;
  4. To avoid the crowd, gradually buy the school stuffs or buy them all when you are free and while the shopping center is not crowded.
  5. Scout for shopping centers that offer cheaper rates or have higher discounts on school stuffs. Be vigilant, however, as lower price would not oftentimes equate to quality.
  6. If you have promo or discount cards, you may want to use them when you purchase.
  7. Try to recycle old school things like unused notebook pages, so, you can compile and tie them for a new one.
  8. Reuse books or things for younger kids;
  9. When you shop, tick your checklist for what was purchased already;
  10. Don't bring your kid with you as you shop unless of course, you consider his / her preferences for color and style.


Why Circumcision Can Be Bad for a Mother

While other parts of the world would not consider circumcision necessary in other areas like in some areas  of Africa and as recommended by World Health Organization, circumcision is important for HIV preventive measures.

In the Philippines, circumcision is a social pressure for boys and highly necessary for hygiene among others. So, every summer, school kids would join government and private institutions’ circumcision programs.

But since, my kid had a traumatic profile of what circumcision should be as he first awaited for his turn we decided to bring him to a private medical center.

photo source:

Our real ordeal started when we had to put him on the table for the anesthetic shots. He quite wailed  and as a mother I could only be more anxious. He passed through that first stage, then, the circumcision procedure went through as expected.

But, our trouble didn’t end  with the procedure as we need to attend to his wound. Good thing, his dad could help him out.  With the anti – inflammatory and anti – pain medicines, we have to boil some fresh guava leaves as its cleanser and do it twice a day. With regular cleaning, the inflammation subsided.

My kid could barely walk and still wails every time his wound is cleansed. If only I can take his pain off but I guess the pain is expected.

So, if you are fainthearted but your need would have to go through that circumcision, better let your partner or someone else help your kid.  


Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Does Prayer Help Before a Race

I had this story emailed to a running magazine and as I type it, I can't help but get mushy. So, forgive me if I have to relay this to you.

I am no conservative mother but coming from Catholic school, I see prayer as valuable support system in any race but it was more materialized when I ran  my first organized marathon. 

I was completing my 32km practice peak run for Davao Phoenix Marathon 2 weeks before the final race that I got my calf and ankle sprained making me unable to walk nor run. I was so devastated as weeks of training and help from friends would seem to be drained to waste.

I sought medical help, bought the needed support and had to skip days of training. My remaining days before the race made me so anxious that I shifted to Yoga. It allowed me to compartamentalize  my fear and isolate my pain, and simply focus on getting the routines done.

When my prayer prior to the injury was to aim for a better PR, the injury humbled me to ask simply for me to finish the race in spite of what could probably happen during the long hours of running. 

Not having memorized the rosary, I did my research for what must be the mystery on race day. I memorized it by heart and just relied on faith that everything will be ok.

On race time, I said my prayer silently, recalled my game plan which simply meant following a Galloway technique from kilometer 0.

I was doing great, maintaining my pace, however, at kilometer 4, I began to feel hot spots on my right foot. And, I blurted, "BLISTERS! Not Again!"   My long beaten shoes finally gave in and the blisters were consuming me. I started praying the rosary but having to run and mind other runners who seemed to be doing well, I kept forgetting the prayers that went with every bead. 

I ran through the remaining distance and not letting pain consumed my will to complete the race. I allowed myself to cheer for other runners who seemed to be more worse as they dragged their feet as we did our first U - turn completing 21km. My distraction off my blistered foot, got my rosary prayers all messed up, but, I simply said, "Lord, pasenxa na, I can't think straight, I cant say the prayers correctly but I trust that You shall carry me through."
with  my fellow marathoners along with our 21km - teammates and logistic support

I looked for my other teammates and my slow pacing began taking its toll as I became the last runner from our group. I tried to  increase my pacing but as I reached 27th km, by sprained ankle gave way, practically giving in. I shortened my Galloway time for run and increase my time for walking. I continued with my rosary, using only my fingers to count the "Hail Mary's." I attended to my ankle with some ice from a hydration center. I quickly wished for my husband to be around as he joined the rest for team logistics. He along with my trainor - friend gave me some pain cream and worked on some stretches.  

I continued my race and the blisters and sprain were becoming more pressing. With the ice bath I had on my head, the water began to fill my left shoe that the regular friction had formed to new blisters. I was running then on two blistered feet, and one ankle sprain. My back was already hurting and my rosary seemed forgotten too.
with my team mate as pacer for the last 8km
At 32nd km, my team mate who was part of the logistics began to run with me and became my pacer. He motivated me to move on with the run and with that act of kindness along with my husband's and my trainor's encouragement, I started doing negative splits with shorter rests in between.

I seemed to have repeated the mystery more than twice as I ignored the heat, 5 hours of running and pressing pain. 
in spite of injury, finally completed my first marathon at 5:40:46

As I was nearing finish line and I saw my husband with his wide grin, I could only thank the Lord for carrying me through. So, whenever I was asked what made my marathon successful, I only mentioned these - prayers, family and friends, training in that particular order. 


Sunday, May 5, 2013

How to Go To Bukidnon Faster From General Santos City

We recently traveled to Maramag, Bukidnon  for a school trip from STI College - General Santos City. Unlike our usual travel to Bukidnon via Davao, we traveled through Tacurong City.

On board on Toyata HiAce, we started cruising at 4 in the morning and had to stop only to pick up other teachers along the way.

courtesy: Google Map

With light baggage including solo briefcase  and snacks for in - between meals, we passed through National Highway of General Santos City then through Polomolok. We could pass drop by at Tupi on our way to Tacurong City for some fresh fruits or dried fruits. Good thing though that early morning made the highway  less traffic.

Reaching Tacurong City, we turned right to Mlang, then, straight to Kabacan where we stopped for our breakfast. The Kusina Kabacan is a renowned restaurant in Kabacan with sumptuous meals at way cheap rates.

From Kabacan, you can enjoy the sweet delicacies they have including their very sweet water melon at way budget prices! We headed next to Maramag, Bukidnon and dropped by at Central Mindano University for the renowned pasteurized buffalo milk and delicacies. However, a warning! If you are lactose intolerant, skip the milk as it would really make your tummy uneasy.

For our lunch, we headed straight to Valencia City. The freshly baked buko pie at their shopping mall is a delight.  We simply made use of Jollibee, Greenwich and Chowking for our option.

Heading to Malaybalay, the component city of Bukidnon is only an hour or less trip from Valencia City, another key city of Bukidnon.

We stayed over at RR Family Spring Resort  for a nice spring deep with their very amazing facilities at only 40.00 per person for daytime entrance.

So, the next time you wish to travel by private car, you can have a safe trip to Bukidnon but travel only daytime as other areas between Maramag and Tacurong City are of critical security. Further, you can travel too by bus using Rural Tours Transit of around 700.00 from Bulaong Terminal, General Santos City.

Enjoy Bukidnon of its cool weather, bounty fruits and eco - adventure escapades including their zipline and 2nd Philippine highest mountain, Mt Dulang - Dulang.


Should You Let Your Kid Be Circumcised

The debate with my son whether he should be circumcised has been going on for over a year and when summer is on, the need to be circumcised invites an open argument again.

circumcision program in Davao; photo source:
He was supposed to go through the operation last summer with his cousin and friend but the room filled with kids going through procedure had him retreated from circumcision and we simply went home. But, the need for circumcision bothers me knowing he would go through that sharp knife that I have to simply research its benefits and if we can simply forego it.

 Wikipedia defines circumcision as the surgical removal of foreskin from the human penis. We identify the benefits of circumcision as follows:

  •  It is said that babies who go through circumcision upon birth has 100% protection from risks like cancer. 
  • In 2009, studies prove that men who are sexually active in Africa have have lesser infection rate by 38%-66%  over 2 years that WHO recommends circumcision as part of the prevention program against HIV. Uncircumcised men are 50% more likely to be infected by HIV.
  • It reduces risks against penile cancer, UTI, HSV-2, oncogenic HPV prevalence.
  • In British Medical Journal of April 2002, it reports that 20% of cervical cancer occurrences could have been prevented if men are circumcised as Human Papilloma Virus thrives under and on the foreskin that is transmitted during sexual intercourse.
  • With Human Papilloma Virus, other sexually transmitted disease like genetical warts could be prevented.  
  • While circumcision can be not at all common in all parts of the world, statistics is however high in Asia, USA,  Middle East, Africa, social pressure then is high depending  on your location.
  • There is a strong link as well between circumcision and sexual performance. While circumcision removes sensitive parts of the penis delaying ejaculation, sex experts however claim that it is more of an advantage rather than a complication.
With anesthesia prior to circumcision, the health benefits outweigh the pain and discomfort. With the increasing incidence of HIV worldwide, circumcision is a cost - effective prevention that men should have. 

So, while I am anxious for my kid, I know that my son shall be better protected if he goes through circumcision. If you too desires this procedure for your kid, check out within your city or locality as summer circumcision program is oftentimes provided.

Should all males be circumcised? The Benefits of Male Circumcision
Adult Circumcision Affects Sexual  Performance


Wednesday, April 17, 2013

How to Prevent Home Fires

photo source:
March is Fire Prevention Month in the Philippines, however, fire occurrences spread over the year especially during summer time.

In the 2012 Philippine Disaster Report, fire accounts to 2nd prime cause of disaster with 115 fire incidents mostly in urban areas, mainly poor congested communities. 

However, fire can be prevented. To protect your home, you can observe the following fire prevention tips:

  1. Check your electrical systems. Check for wiring that has been chewed on by rodents. It would be smarter to invest on ceramic insulators for better protection. Look for overloaded circuit breakers, panel boxes or fuse boxes. 
  2. Teach your kids not to play with matches, candles, and / or cooking burners.
  3. Never smoke at home or when you are drowsy, drunk, or on your back as cigarettes may be unattended. 
  4. Install a fire detector and fire sprinkler at home.
  5. Have a fire extinguisher ready. It would be smarter if every individual at home is educated as to how to  use the fire extinguisher.
  6. Have a game plan among your family members should fire happen. Have a Fire Emergency contact ready and accessible.
  7. Never leave appliances on unattended. 
  8. Be careful with extension cord for a longer period of time. A high - quality cords may reduce your fire risks.
For more information of fire prevention, you can read from these articles:


Families and Runners Mourn Over Boston Marathon Bombings

We were out for our usual core and stairs training when a fellow runner mentioned that the international renowned Boston Marathon was bombed.

We were quite shocked and devastated and hurried home to catch the latest update on the bombing.  I cried when I saw spectators and runners injured and blood splashed all over the streets. Everyone was in chaos and we could only worry of the casualties and the severely injured.

Watch the explosion from Youtube.

To date, three are dead including the 8 - year old kid who waited for his father to reach the finish line along with over 100 injured.

The running community is devastated of this uncalled for terrorism act. With over 27,000 runners who participated in this anticipated annual Boston Marathon, the suspect(s) had the entire running community and the world caught off guard.

So, we mourn over the dead and injured of Boston Marathon bombings and pray that justice shall be served.


Sunday, April 14, 2013

Team Matutum's Kasadya Marathon

In partnership with Marvel Runners of Koronadal City,  Team Matutum shall be holding an exclusive marathon to include 21 kilometers and 42 kilometers within the city of General Santos.

We dubbed this as "Kasadya Marathon" to mean Fun Marathon discouraging runners to race from one another and instead finish the run strong and comfortable as a group.

Running is a good avenue to lose weight and to de - stress especially if ones are overweight or worked up from everyday load or simply if they like to kick off some bad habits like smoking, drinking among others.

The ones who are addicted to bad drugs can quite benefit from choosing an exercise as a way to divert their attention while they do their formal rehabilitation from centers like los angeles rehab among others.

Long runs shall test endurance and having a fun marathon could quite lessen the physical tension required from running a full marathon. So, to all runners, have a safe and fun run!


Yoga for Stress and Weight Loss

my 10 - year - old kid doing one of the Yoga basic stances
 When I first tried yoga, it was simply to de - stress from the tension and anxiety I had been feeling for my impending marathon.

And, true enough, it served me well as sleep has become better, my balance and flexibility have gradually improved and my running skills seem better.
 balance, flexibility and meditation  for an athlete 
But, is Yoga for everyone? In my  previous post, "Why Yoga is Good For You," I mentioned the benefits of Yoga. For someone who does not like high aerobic activity like running or dancing, a relaxed activity can be highly preferred. And over 500 years of practice, Yoga is a good medium for meditation or self - retreat. More importantly, if you try Ashtanga Yoga or Power Yoga, you can actually burn at least 300 calories for an hour session.

With different poses, one can achieve full state of relaxation.  However, caution must be observed as yoga can be dangerous if you are not well guided by a legitimate yoga instructor.

So, the next time, you want to de - stress or simply lose weight or both, try yoga.


Sunday, March 24, 2013

Tips to Relieving Back Pain

Back pain can be excruciating and disturbing especially if it becomes chronic. While we get relieved with prescription medicines for back pain, we can't fully rely on medicines and be dependent with them.

Before you resort to these techniques, make sure that you have medical experts assessed the cause of your back pains as natural remedies may or shall not be enough to alleviate the  pain.

So, how do  we address our back aches without resorting to drugs? The  following are natural remedies:

  • Massage can help you loosen or relax those tight muscles. Seek massage therapy only from legitimate massage therapist to address more cautiously your back.
  • Acupressure is an old Chinese medicine alternative that unblocks the energy passage that causes the pain.
  • Physical therapy  from chiropractor, osteopath, and physiotherapist. They are experts who know better how to treat and manipulate if needed your back especially your spine. 
  • Supplements of Vitamin D, Vitamin B12, Magnesium as deficiency on these may cause muscle and bone weakness. 
  • Yoga. Have yoga paraphernalia and / or yoga wholesale for convenient and effective yoga stances.  
  • Tai Chi. Although there isn't much evidence to support that Tai Chi indeed helps, this can be worth trying as well to reduce back pain.
  • Hot Compress for 15 - 20 minutes can also reduce the inflammation.
  • Pain Ointment after hot compress can quite relieve the pain.
  • Good Posture can prevent  you from getting back pains. Having a lumbar pillow placed at the lower back as you sit can quite align your spine.
  • Exercises like stretching and swimming can quite strengthen your back. 


Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Red Trellis Microtel Now Opens

In spite of the itchy feeling from eating sea foods, I could only welcome the sumptuous dinner from my personal favorites of renowned sea food haven in General Santos City, the Red Trellis that is known for its distinct sea food and other delicacies at way reasonable prices.

Red Trellis takes pride in seafood specialty
 I remember we had to bring our visitors from Zamboanga City to enjoy the very pride of South Cotabato's specialty.

So, now that another branch of Red Trellis is situated at the very heart of the city, one could only be happier as another branch is officially opened within the Valley High where the newest Microtel is in place.

from the facade of Red Trellis Microtel
Enjoy their much coveted crab specialty in thick sauce along with other seafood menu variations to include shrimps / prawns, tuna among others with the newest addition of scargo or "kuhol" menu. But, don't forget to grab their pastries of cakes and brownies for your sweet tooth.

So, you too love seafood, know only that Red Trellis offers the best menu in town.