Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Friendship in Marriage

In my other post, Tips to Boosting Your Marriage,  I mentioned that lasting and solid marriage is no one - way street and that I quite agree that  to make marriage more lasting, partners must make committed efforts to keep the marriage work through religious faith, economic freedom, quality time among others.

playing airsoft game together on weekends in between running and biking

But, one of the things that we must not forego is the fact that romance or dating must be frequently done that must be free from home or work pressures.

So, doing things together like cleaning the house, attending to the kids or pursuing sports like biking / running or any other recreational activity like yoga on bolster can foster bonding and friendship with your spouse.

My husband and I, married for 11 years, had recently changed our priorities to mean just U-S. So, I decided to go parttime with my job, so, I can have time to attend to my partner and kid. But, along with this time adjustment, I got to change my  social skills to include playtime with friends through running, biking, airsoft.

The idea is to make quality quantity time together and sharing the same passion or two can quite help.



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