Thursday, January 10, 2013

How Should I Run Faster?

leading the pack, a barefoot runner
This has been the question of any runner, newbie or not. I have been running for over 3 years and had joined several fun runs. I won in some runs while in most races, I could only tail the tracks of the elite runners.

Faster runners and books taught me that I have to correct running form to run efficiently. This means running relaxed and a little straight with swinging arms to complement my strides. I was told too that I have to practice speed runs, do hill workouts and long / easy runs. These practically mean my week is set to regular running of 3 - 5 x a week with cross trainings. Personally, all these are works of torture.

So, when I began  training for marathons, I need to complete my running apparel and gears including  custom pedometers reliable  to document all my training performances.

Different experts and elite including seasoned runners  have various tips to share to improving speed, but I guess, they shall all be immaterial if a runner does not recognize his or her own physical limits. I have seen runners getting injured for overtraining, so, I guess if you are simply a recreational runner, then beating a personal record or simply finishing a race without injury is  already a bonus.

So, how should  one run faster? I say, I run with my heart.



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