Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Tips to Boosting Your Marriage

I am no marriage expert; in fact, I have my own lapses in the M world but having to exert to make marriage work is a constant work and a revelation.

So, what do experts say about keeping the marriage strong and healthy? Let us find out.

Stacy Kaiser, licensed psychotherapist, on CNN Today stated that common traits of happy and solid marriage include a fusion of traditional values like religious faith, commitment, support of friends and family, a sound economic foundation provided by a good job and quality family time with few of the more modern factors which are  shared housework, good sex, marital generosity, date nights and having a college degree.

On, Matthew Boggs and Jason Miller presented the traits that keep marriages over  40 years and still going.  The key words bring out commitment, keeping romance on, giving more, openness and keeping the partner as priority.

There is indeed no perfect marriage only able and committed spouse or partners who pitch in change, best efforts and and love to make the marriage work and this goes both ways.

While we know the formula, exercising all these can be quite a struggle especially at the moments of economic problems, work or home tensions and pressures among others. The bottom line is not to give up easily. We find ways to make marriage work and that may include seeking professional help and support system. With willingness and commitment from both ends, any marriage is worth another try.


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