Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Weight Loss Tips from Holiday Treats

Holidays are finally over, and, so are the penchants and lure of sweets and other high – calorie food. While we tend to be conscious with what we eat, we seem not to resist the temptation of over eating and drinking and be guilty about it.

So, now that it is new year, let us welcome it with a fit and fab body again. There are actually different ways to cut down the extra fats earned from the holidays. Let us start with the most common recreational activities that may help you reduce  your weight and still having fun. Make sure however that you are properly medically advised before you do any out of the usual weight loss.

Running. With a 30 – minute run, you may around burn 100 calories now, increase your time or speed gradually and you shall be burning more. Three to five times a week  of running shall help you  cut down your unwanted weight.

Dancing. For ages, various types of heavy dancing may it be aerobics, taebo or zumba can bring you the same weight loss effects and as much as 500 for  an hour of heavy Zumba and alike. So, if you may find running as a boring feat, then, you can drag your friend or two to fine groove.

Gym works. If you think the road or the dance floor isn’t your thing, then, find a local gym and hit those weights again. Having a gym program from a legitimate gym instructor would help you achieve desired effects.

Swimming. Burning calories isn’t only on dry land, you may lose as much as 400 calories for an hour of lap swimming. And a couple more of lapses even sprint swimming will help you tone down faster.

Some unorthodox measures. Ever heard of pole dancing or air suspension  as an exercise?  With a pole  or a suspended sheet, you can defy gravity as you do your air dance stints.

Regardless of your preferred means to reduce weights, remember to simply have fun and to sustain it for  lasting effects.



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