Saturday, January 26, 2013

When Your Kid is Bullied

Having a school kid is never easy but to have him or her beaten or harassed by a fellow school or classmate, then, the pressure and tension can be higher.

Just recently, a friend had inquired of what should be done when her  daughter was coerced to give in a money or else she would be hurt. This incident has previously occurred and had been experienced by other students as well.

So, as a parent of the one being bullied, what should you do? In the Philippines, a recent act entitled "  AN ACT REQUIRING ALL ELEMENTARY AND SECONDARY SCHOOLS TO ADOPT  POLICIES TO PREVENT AND ADDRESS THE ACTS OF BULLYING IN THEIR INSTITUTIONS" was passed and now on its next review proposes that schools must have clear-cut policies on how to address and solve the issues of bullying.

Bullying should never be ignored and as such, parents and school personnel must collectively do something to prevent or to correct such unwanted activity.Bullying contributes  highly to  school dropout rates and  higher rates of depression, social anxiety, suicidal ideation, aggression, and academic problems.

As a parent, you can probe with your kid how he or she is bullied at school, and discuss these concerns with the school authorities.  So, watch out for a change in behavior. Assistance from pediatrician, psychiatrists, and clinicians can be sought to address the issues of mental disorder or lapses among others.

Bullying is dangerous as cases of deaths can be linked to this cause. So, a strong and solid legislation and school's vigilance and actions can quite curb bullying.


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