Monday, February 11, 2013

Flag Signs that Your Partner Is Cheating

I suddenly had the urge to write about infidelity as a housemate had quite a stressful time when she found out that her fiancé is having an affair when they are set to get married in three months time.

While we wish that we all have the perfect relationship, reality is, there is never a perfect marriage or union but only loyalty, trust, and respect can make a relationship work without the serious glitch.

So, what are to watch for when you feel that your partner is really cheating on you. Let me cite what others say and what personal experience can offer:
  •  Communication dwindling. When gradually communication becomes remote and your partner seems to enjoy his time with friends more than with you. This is also when your partner sets passwords on cps / lappys or take private calls or messaging.  Suspect that something is really on and steamy. But, don’t confront this with your partner, better, find a solid evidence to support your feeling.
  • Spending splurges. If suddenly, you see credit card spending on items you barely received or restaurant charges you are not aware of, this can be another signal to watch for. When your partner begins to complain or mention that he is low on cash whenever you ask for his/ her share at home, then, you are waiting for a terrible bombshell.
  • Your own private personal belongings gone missing. If your own stuffs like jewelry or when the gifts you showered your partner have been missing and when you ask your partner, he/she even blames you for your mindlessness or when he/she shows no empathy at all, I am quite confident that these gifts are either sold or being given to the new love interest.
  • Sex becomes nil or almost a drag.  When your partner seems to have lost the passion and the contact becomes ages apart, then, you are sure in for heartache.
  • Rumors start. If suddenly your friends mention that they have seen your partner with the opposite gender sharing a private meal or wandering through the parks or mall, better heed their notice and start taking actions.
  • Your faults are noticed more than often. To justify the cheating, your partner would blame your lapses. While this can’t be true to all, your partner would simply be insensitive and cared less.

The signs are to watch for but give your partner the benefit of the doubt. Remember to catch the evidence first before you interrogate as your partner would strongly deny your claim and shall become more vigilant with his/her actions.

Should you find out your partner is indeed cheating, the next thing to do is all up to you. The bottom line however is we all deserve to be treated fairly and if our partner can’t give that then personally, I believe we all need to reassess where we should stand in a relationship and decide to either hold on to it or simply let go.



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