Monday, February 11, 2013

Your Emergency Go - Bag

Disaster could happen anytime and anywhere but with the rain, one can prepare for the worst scenario and this would mean preparing ahead of time.

The case of Iligan and Cagayan  de  Oro where typhoon Sending had caused quite a devastation on infrastructure, agriculture and lives of thousands of families was quite an awakening for everyone.

So, build your own emergency pack or bag that would comprise your basic essentials of food, water and supplies like medicines, toiletries, or cigar accessories   that can last for 72 hours or 3 days, enough to supply yourself  and/or the entire family until rescue can come.

The Ready of Fema had a checklist of what to do. The thing is you can still protect yourself and /  or your loved ones from being disaster - afflicted and abandoned. Having the emergency bag can quite save your life. So, if you have none of this special bag, better make one.



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