Sunday, March 24, 2013

Tips to Relieving Back Pain

Back pain can be excruciating and disturbing especially if it becomes chronic. While we get relieved with prescription medicines for back pain, we can't fully rely on medicines and be dependent with them.

Before you resort to these techniques, make sure that you have medical experts assessed the cause of your back pains as natural remedies may or shall not be enough to alleviate the  pain.

So, how do  we address our back aches without resorting to drugs? The  following are natural remedies:

  • Massage can help you loosen or relax those tight muscles. Seek massage therapy only from legitimate massage therapist to address more cautiously your back.
  • Acupressure is an old Chinese medicine alternative that unblocks the energy passage that causes the pain.
  • Physical therapy  from chiropractor, osteopath, and physiotherapist. They are experts who know better how to treat and manipulate if needed your back especially your spine. 
  • Supplements of Vitamin D, Vitamin B12, Magnesium as deficiency on these may cause muscle and bone weakness. 
  • Yoga. Have yoga paraphernalia and / or yoga wholesale for convenient and effective yoga stances.  
  • Tai Chi. Although there isn't much evidence to support that Tai Chi indeed helps, this can be worth trying as well to reduce back pain.
  • Hot Compress for 15 - 20 minutes can also reduce the inflammation.
  • Pain Ointment after hot compress can quite relieve the pain.
  • Good Posture can prevent  you from getting back pains. Having a lumbar pillow placed at the lower back as you sit can quite align your spine.
  • Exercises like stretching and swimming can quite strengthen your back. 


Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Red Trellis Microtel Now Opens

In spite of the itchy feeling from eating sea foods, I could only welcome the sumptuous dinner from my personal favorites of renowned sea food haven in General Santos City, the Red Trellis that is known for its distinct sea food and other delicacies at way reasonable prices.

Red Trellis takes pride in seafood specialty
 I remember we had to bring our visitors from Zamboanga City to enjoy the very pride of South Cotabato's specialty.

So, now that another branch of Red Trellis is situated at the very heart of the city, one could only be happier as another branch is officially opened within the Valley High where the newest Microtel is in place.

from the facade of Red Trellis Microtel
Enjoy their much coveted crab specialty in thick sauce along with other seafood menu variations to include shrimps / prawns, tuna among others with the newest addition of scargo or "kuhol" menu. But, don't forget to grab their pastries of cakes and brownies for your sweet tooth.

So, you too love seafood, know only that Red Trellis offers the best menu in town.


Monday, March 4, 2013

Why Music is Good for You

I remember that whenever I am blue or simply excited, music seems to complement or soothe what I feel and that can be oftentimes lead to pouring which makes me feel better.

According to 2011 Canadian research, published in  Nature Neuroscience, music is known to ward off bad mood. Researches in McGill University, Montreal show that listening to music can actually make our release a 'feel - good' feeling that makes us relieved, relaxed or happier.

Thus, music is known to make you calm especially if your are too stressed out or even to encourage you to stay focused on what you are doing. Standford University researches had  shown that classical music can quite help engage and sharpen brain regions that help gain focus and attention.

As a runner, listening to upbeat music improves my speed. This is also claimed by other sports experts. So, load your music player and do your running with a swift.

So, next time, you are down or simply want a boost, load your favorite music and let music heal or do wonders for you.

References: 6 Crazy Ways Music Improves Your Life Health benefits of music 5 Health Benefits of Music


Yoga: Helping Your Family and Friends for Weight Loss

with my mom, husband and friends in Yoga session
My husband and I are into serious running training that runs are regular every week. But, apart from the usual runs, we do our stairs and speed training. 

But, adding to the runs, we do core training once a week and dancing zumba or playing basketball in between.

Since these activities are mostly highly intense, I could barely convince my loved ones or friends to staying fit. 

Now, that we have discovered low - impact exercise like yoga, I manage to join my friends and the rest of the family to staying healthy.

With support system around, it shall be easier to sustain weight loss. So, drag your loved one or your friend if you must and be healthy together and have fun too.


Your Marathon Basics

running efficiently and effectively 

Running can be tough but anything is possible with right diet and correct or regular training. You can not rush your running performance with a fun run of one or two. Experts oftentimes say that you can only improve your distance or speed by 10%.

So, gradually increase  your mileage and speed through running farther and doing speed trainings like interval and tempo runs every week.

It would help us if we run with a running mate. But, more importantly, invest on the right shoes, socks, dry - fit apparel, compression support, hydration belt, visor, blinkers, pedometer, heart rate monitor and music player if you must.

I have to run with my ipod on, so, as not to get bored from running more than 21km. But, my last sports mp3 got busted that I wish I can purchase a more quality music sports player from legitimate music store among others.

Marathon is for everyone but this requires strong discipline, mindset and hard work. So, be safe and have fun!


Why Yoga is Good For You

Now that I am waiting to run my first official marathon, I am anxious that I may get injured or disqualified from the race or finish with unanticipated time. So, not to experience  the hip and back pain from running my impulsive 63km, I invested my efforts and resources on core training. But, lately, I wanted to improve as well my breathing and stamina that I go for yoga.

So, what can YOGA actually do for us? Experts provide the following benefits:

  • Better Flexibility
    • With all the muscle stretches, you get to loosen your tight muscles especially from the workouts that you have been doing (in my case, running around 40km a week) that would require the release of lactic acid to eliminate or reduce muscle pains, soreness or fatigue among others. You will eventually gain ease and fluidity from the stances made. 
  • Improved Strength
    • Workouts like running long distance (e.g. marathon or ultramarathon) or simply too much sitting  can quite put a strain in the hips. That only shows that your core isn't strong at all. So,  with Yoga core stances and stances for balances can improve your hips, ankles, hamstring, back and shoulder.
  • Better Posture
    • Improved core allows you to be vigilant with your posture, so, you get to correct any slouching. Further, you get to improve your sitting or standing. 
  • Efficient Breathing
    • With yoga, you get to improve your breathing that leads you to carry out your workouts and even focus your attention to your performance. This would as well improve how you address pain and remain calm from the workouts you do. 
  • De - stressor
    • Yoga allows you to control your breathing and remain to be calmed and focus, this would you to relax and set off your mind from unwanted stress. 
  • Other medical benefits
    • Experts have successfully associated yoga to lower blood pressure and address heart disease.  Also, weight loss can be appropriately achieved as you begin to become lean and fit.  To name other perks of yoga, you can read from this article.
I am quite tensed for my impending marathon and yoga has made me more relaxed other than the physiological benefits. 

However, before you try yoga, make sure that you train only under a legitimate yoga instructor and only after your doctor's go signal. Have fun!