Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Red Trellis Microtel Now Opens

In spite of the itchy feeling from eating sea foods, I could only welcome the sumptuous dinner from my personal favorites of renowned sea food haven in General Santos City, the Red Trellis that is known for its distinct sea food and other delicacies at way reasonable prices.

Red Trellis takes pride in seafood specialty
 I remember we had to bring our visitors from Zamboanga City to enjoy the very pride of South Cotabato's specialty.

So, now that another branch of Red Trellis is situated at the very heart of the city, one could only be happier as another branch is officially opened within the Valley High where the newest Microtel is in place.

from the facade of Red Trellis Microtel
Enjoy their much coveted crab specialty in thick sauce along with other seafood menu variations to include shrimps / prawns, tuna among others with the newest addition of scargo or "kuhol" menu. But, don't forget to grab their pastries of cakes and brownies for your sweet tooth.

So, you too love seafood, know only that Red Trellis offers the best menu in town.



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