Sunday, March 24, 2013

Tips to Relieving Back Pain

Back pain can be excruciating and disturbing especially if it becomes chronic. While we get relieved with prescription medicines for back pain, we can't fully rely on medicines and be dependent with them.

Before you resort to these techniques, make sure that you have medical experts assessed the cause of your back pains as natural remedies may or shall not be enough to alleviate the  pain.

So, how do  we address our back aches without resorting to drugs? The  following are natural remedies:

  • Massage can help you loosen or relax those tight muscles. Seek massage therapy only from legitimate massage therapist to address more cautiously your back.
  • Acupressure is an old Chinese medicine alternative that unblocks the energy passage that causes the pain.
  • Physical therapy  from chiropractor, osteopath, and physiotherapist. They are experts who know better how to treat and manipulate if needed your back especially your spine. 
  • Supplements of Vitamin D, Vitamin B12, Magnesium as deficiency on these may cause muscle and bone weakness. 
  • Yoga. Have yoga paraphernalia and / or yoga wholesale for convenient and effective yoga stances.  
  • Tai Chi. Although there isn't much evidence to support that Tai Chi indeed helps, this can be worth trying as well to reduce back pain.
  • Hot Compress for 15 - 20 minutes can also reduce the inflammation.
  • Pain Ointment after hot compress can quite relieve the pain.
  • Good Posture can prevent  you from getting back pains. Having a lumbar pillow placed at the lower back as you sit can quite align your spine.
  • Exercises like stretching and swimming can quite strengthen your back. 



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