Monday, March 4, 2013

Why Music is Good for You

I remember that whenever I am blue or simply excited, music seems to complement or soothe what I feel and that can be oftentimes lead to pouring which makes me feel better.

According to 2011 Canadian research, published in  Nature Neuroscience, music is known to ward off bad mood. Researches in McGill University, Montreal show that listening to music can actually make our release a 'feel - good' feeling that makes us relieved, relaxed or happier.

Thus, music is known to make you calm especially if your are too stressed out or even to encourage you to stay focused on what you are doing. Standford University researches had  shown that classical music can quite help engage and sharpen brain regions that help gain focus and attention.

As a runner, listening to upbeat music improves my speed. This is also claimed by other sports experts. So, load your music player and do your running with a swift.

So, next time, you are down or simply want a boost, load your favorite music and let music heal or do wonders for you.

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