Monday, March 4, 2013

Your Marathon Basics

running efficiently and effectively 

Running can be tough but anything is possible with right diet and correct or regular training. You can not rush your running performance with a fun run of one or two. Experts oftentimes say that you can only improve your distance or speed by 10%.

So, gradually increase  your mileage and speed through running farther and doing speed trainings like interval and tempo runs every week.

It would help us if we run with a running mate. But, more importantly, invest on the right shoes, socks, dry - fit apparel, compression support, hydration belt, visor, blinkers, pedometer, heart rate monitor and music player if you must.

I have to run with my ipod on, so, as not to get bored from running more than 21km. But, my last sports mp3 got busted that I wish I can purchase a more quality music sports player from legitimate music store among others.

Marathon is for everyone but this requires strong discipline, mindset and hard work. So, be safe and have fun!



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