Wednesday, April 17, 2013

How to Prevent Home Fires

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March is Fire Prevention Month in the Philippines, however, fire occurrences spread over the year especially during summer time.

In the 2012 Philippine Disaster Report, fire accounts to 2nd prime cause of disaster with 115 fire incidents mostly in urban areas, mainly poor congested communities. 

However, fire can be prevented. To protect your home, you can observe the following fire prevention tips:

  1. Check your electrical systems. Check for wiring that has been chewed on by rodents. It would be smarter to invest on ceramic insulators for better protection. Look for overloaded circuit breakers, panel boxes or fuse boxes. 
  2. Teach your kids not to play with matches, candles, and / or cooking burners.
  3. Never smoke at home or when you are drowsy, drunk, or on your back as cigarettes may be unattended. 
  4. Install a fire detector and fire sprinkler at home.
  5. Have a fire extinguisher ready. It would be smarter if every individual at home is educated as to how to  use the fire extinguisher.
  6. Have a game plan among your family members should fire happen. Have a Fire Emergency contact ready and accessible.
  7. Never leave appliances on unattended. 
  8. Be careful with extension cord for a longer period of time. A high - quality cords may reduce your fire risks.
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Families and Runners Mourn Over Boston Marathon Bombings

We were out for our usual core and stairs training when a fellow runner mentioned that the international renowned Boston Marathon was bombed.

We were quite shocked and devastated and hurried home to catch the latest update on the bombing.  I cried when I saw spectators and runners injured and blood splashed all over the streets. Everyone was in chaos and we could only worry of the casualties and the severely injured.

Watch the explosion from Youtube.

To date, three are dead including the 8 - year old kid who waited for his father to reach the finish line along with over 100 injured.

The running community is devastated of this uncalled for terrorism act. With over 27,000 runners who participated in this anticipated annual Boston Marathon, the suspect(s) had the entire running community and the world caught off guard.

So, we mourn over the dead and injured of Boston Marathon bombings and pray that justice shall be served.


Sunday, April 14, 2013

Team Matutum's Kasadya Marathon

In partnership with Marvel Runners of Koronadal City,  Team Matutum shall be holding an exclusive marathon to include 21 kilometers and 42 kilometers within the city of General Santos.

We dubbed this as "Kasadya Marathon" to mean Fun Marathon discouraging runners to race from one another and instead finish the run strong and comfortable as a group.

Running is a good avenue to lose weight and to de - stress especially if ones are overweight or worked up from everyday load or simply if they like to kick off some bad habits like smoking, drinking among others.

The ones who are addicted to bad drugs can quite benefit from choosing an exercise as a way to divert their attention while they do their formal rehabilitation from centers like los angeles rehab among others.

Long runs shall test endurance and having a fun marathon could quite lessen the physical tension required from running a full marathon. So, to all runners, have a safe and fun run!


Yoga for Stress and Weight Loss

my 10 - year - old kid doing one of the Yoga basic stances
 When I first tried yoga, it was simply to de - stress from the tension and anxiety I had been feeling for my impending marathon.

And, true enough, it served me well as sleep has become better, my balance and flexibility have gradually improved and my running skills seem better.
 balance, flexibility and meditation  for an athlete 
But, is Yoga for everyone? In my  previous post, "Why Yoga is Good For You," I mentioned the benefits of Yoga. For someone who does not like high aerobic activity like running or dancing, a relaxed activity can be highly preferred. And over 500 years of practice, Yoga is a good medium for meditation or self - retreat. More importantly, if you try Ashtanga Yoga or Power Yoga, you can actually burn at least 300 calories for an hour session.

With different poses, one can achieve full state of relaxation.  However, caution must be observed as yoga can be dangerous if you are not well guided by a legitimate yoga instructor.

So, the next time, you want to de - stress or simply lose weight or both, try yoga.