Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Families and Runners Mourn Over Boston Marathon Bombings

We were out for our usual core and stairs training when a fellow runner mentioned that the international renowned Boston Marathon was bombed.

We were quite shocked and devastated and hurried home to catch the latest update on the bombing.  I cried when I saw spectators and runners injured and blood splashed all over the streets. Everyone was in chaos and we could only worry of the casualties and the severely injured.

Watch the explosion from Youtube.

To date, three are dead including the 8 - year old kid who waited for his father to reach the finish line along with over 100 injured.

The running community is devastated of this uncalled for terrorism act. With over 27,000 runners who participated in this anticipated annual Boston Marathon, the suspect(s) had the entire running community and the world caught off guard.

So, we mourn over the dead and injured of Boston Marathon bombings and pray that justice shall be served.



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