Friday, May 17, 2013

Practical Tips on Buying Your Kids' School Things

June is just few weeks around the block and  that would mean attending to your kids' school belongings and enrollment among others.

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So, before you head to the shopping center and buy school things, it would be wiser to consider the following:
  1. Enroll your student observing the dates of enrollment;
  2. Get a checklist of what should be purchased;
  3. If budget is tight, classify the things like college books whether high priority or not. Buy the ones who are limited in supply   and the ones that are considered necessary;
  4. To avoid the crowd, gradually buy the school stuffs or buy them all when you are free and while the shopping center is not crowded.
  5. Scout for shopping centers that offer cheaper rates or have higher discounts on school stuffs. Be vigilant, however, as lower price would not oftentimes equate to quality.
  6. If you have promo or discount cards, you may want to use them when you purchase.
  7. Try to recycle old school things like unused notebook pages, so, you can compile and tie them for a new one.
  8. Reuse books or things for younger kids;
  9. When you shop, tick your checklist for what was purchased already;
  10. Don't bring your kid with you as you shop unless of course, you consider his / her preferences for color and style.



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