Sunday, May 5, 2013

Should You Let Your Kid Be Circumcised

The debate with my son whether he should be circumcised has been going on for over a year and when summer is on, the need to be circumcised invites an open argument again.

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He was supposed to go through the operation last summer with his cousin and friend but the room filled with kids going through procedure had him retreated from circumcision and we simply went home. But, the need for circumcision bothers me knowing he would go through that sharp knife that I have to simply research its benefits and if we can simply forego it.

 Wikipedia defines circumcision as the surgical removal of foreskin from the human penis. We identify the benefits of circumcision as follows:

  •  It is said that babies who go through circumcision upon birth has 100% protection from risks like cancer. 
  • In 2009, studies prove that men who are sexually active in Africa have have lesser infection rate by 38%-66%  over 2 years that WHO recommends circumcision as part of the prevention program against HIV. Uncircumcised men are 50% more likely to be infected by HIV.
  • It reduces risks against penile cancer, UTI, HSV-2, oncogenic HPV prevalence.
  • In British Medical Journal of April 2002, it reports that 20% of cervical cancer occurrences could have been prevented if men are circumcised as Human Papilloma Virus thrives under and on the foreskin that is transmitted during sexual intercourse.
  • With Human Papilloma Virus, other sexually transmitted disease like genetical warts could be prevented.  
  • While circumcision can be not at all common in all parts of the world, statistics is however high in Asia, USA,  Middle East, Africa, social pressure then is high depending  on your location.
  • There is a strong link as well between circumcision and sexual performance. While circumcision removes sensitive parts of the penis delaying ejaculation, sex experts however claim that it is more of an advantage rather than a complication.
With anesthesia prior to circumcision, the health benefits outweigh the pain and discomfort. With the increasing incidence of HIV worldwide, circumcision is a cost - effective prevention that men should have. 

So, while I am anxious for my kid, I know that my son shall be better protected if he goes through circumcision. If you too desires this procedure for your kid, check out within your city or locality as summer circumcision program is oftentimes provided.

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