Friday, May 17, 2013

Why Circumcision Can Be Bad for a Mother

While other parts of the world would not consider circumcision necessary in other areas like in some areas  of Africa and as recommended by World Health Organization, circumcision is important for HIV preventive measures.

In the Philippines, circumcision is a social pressure for boys and highly necessary for hygiene among others. So, every summer, school kids would join government and private institutions’ circumcision programs.

But since, my kid had a traumatic profile of what circumcision should be as he first awaited for his turn we decided to bring him to a private medical center.

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Our real ordeal started when we had to put him on the table for the anesthetic shots. He quite wailed  and as a mother I could only be more anxious. He passed through that first stage, then, the circumcision procedure went through as expected.

But, our trouble didn’t end  with the procedure as we need to attend to his wound. Good thing, his dad could help him out.  With the anti – inflammatory and anti – pain medicines, we have to boil some fresh guava leaves as its cleanser and do it twice a day. With regular cleaning, the inflammation subsided.

My kid could barely walk and still wails every time his wound is cleansed. If only I can take his pain off but I guess the pain is expected.

So, if you are fainthearted but your need would have to go through that circumcision, better let your partner or someone else help your kid.  



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