Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Organizing Your Files

Organizing Your Files Manually through Windows Explorer
Nothing can be more irritating other than having files lost or misplaced  or worse having insufficient space for your files.

So, what can you best do to organize your files? Here are the tips:

  1. clean hard drive from unwanted files, documents, presentations, downloads.
  2. Organize your files and folders according to their nature. Say, save your music downloads under music folder. You may organize the songs by artists and delete or update them easily.
  3. Move your rarely used pictures / songs / videos to external drive.
  4. Conduct regular clean up say once every month or quarter.
  5. Maximize free or sold online drives for storage.
The idea of housekeeping can also be done on our hardware.  With a knowledge of what to keep and their duration can help us save on space and time in searching.  If space however is a must, then, invest on external drives or upgrades or online storages for back - up.


Attending to a Sick Family Member

My recent hand injury made my usual activities and even ordinary movements quite difficult as I could barely eat, wash, write with my weak left arm. Good thing that my loved ones are around to make almost everything comfortable.

When your family member is sick, it can practically affect everyone else at home but we try as much as possible to make the life of the sick member as natural as possible.

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So, we assist them with needs they can’t fully do. In my case, I quite need help to wash my clothes, peel or cut finger foods, and carry loads of stuffs. At least, I can still write but quite tedious and time inefficient.
We can extend our help but anticipate possible indignation. Further, there are equipment and gadgets that can be of assistance.

Regardless, our sick member needs support and an extra TLC is more than welcomed.


Team Matutum Celebrates Father's Day With a Run

Team Matutum for Father's Day; photo credit: Arnel Joshua Lim
We honor our parents and since we love running, we ran to honor both our parents.  So, last May, we celebrated Mother's Day with a run from Robinson's Mall to Alabel and back with more than 40 runners to commend all the running mothers and all our moms.

But, June wont pass with out equally honoring our fathers. So, last June 16, we ran 21km on trail route to Sinawal.  We had the day as well for initiation and Election of Board of Trustees for Team Matutum.

So, with beautiful scenery, good Sunday songs  and sumptuous breakfast, we had one great run with friends and loved ones.


Applying First Aid After a Crash

I recently had a crash landing when my bike lost its brake as I rode downhill on off – road terrain.  I badly hit my thighs, arms and legs that my hand and left cheek bone were all swollen.

My Other companions had immediately assess if I had broken bones and attend to my scrapes and bruises.  One was able to get some ice and had them on my swollen cheeks. Unfortunately, I didn’t have any cloth to wrap the ice with making my cheeks burn. But, somehow the swell and the pain subsided.

With cold water, I cleaned my dusty and beaten extremities and upper body.  I had to check my hand as it remained immobile and swollen.

My other friend had to search for some betadine and cotton to apply  anti-septic. If only I had known that my metatarsal was broken, we could have added some support.

Lesson indeed was learned that I have to always check my bikes before riding them and to have first aid kit handy.