Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Applying First Aid After a Crash

I recently had a crash landing when my bike lost its brake as I rode downhill on off – road terrain.  I badly hit my thighs, arms and legs that my hand and left cheek bone were all swollen.

My Other companions had immediately assess if I had broken bones and attend to my scrapes and bruises.  One was able to get some ice and had them on my swollen cheeks. Unfortunately, I didn’t have any cloth to wrap the ice with making my cheeks burn. But, somehow the swell and the pain subsided.

With cold water, I cleaned my dusty and beaten extremities and upper body.  I had to check my hand as it remained immobile and swollen.

My other friend had to search for some betadine and cotton to apply  anti-septic. If only I had known that my metatarsal was broken, we could have added some support.

Lesson indeed was learned that I have to always check my bikes before riding them and to have first aid kit handy.



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