Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Attending to a Sick Family Member

My recent hand injury made my usual activities and even ordinary movements quite difficult as I could barely eat, wash, write with my weak left arm. Good thing that my loved ones are around to make almost everything comfortable.

When your family member is sick, it can practically affect everyone else at home but we try as much as possible to make the life of the sick member as natural as possible.

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So, we assist them with needs they can’t fully do. In my case, I quite need help to wash my clothes, peel or cut finger foods, and carry loads of stuffs. At least, I can still write but quite tedious and time inefficient.
We can extend our help but anticipate possible indignation. Further, there are equipment and gadgets that can be of assistance.

Regardless, our sick member needs support and an extra TLC is more than welcomed.



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