Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Organizing Your Files

Organizing Your Files Manually through Windows Explorer
Nothing can be more irritating other than having files lost or misplaced  or worse having insufficient space for your files.

So, what can you best do to organize your files? Here are the tips:

  1. clean hard drive from unwanted files, documents, presentations, downloads.
  2. Organize your files and folders according to their nature. Say, save your music downloads under music folder. You may organize the songs by artists and delete or update them easily.
  3. Move your rarely used pictures / songs / videos to external drive.
  4. Conduct regular clean up say once every month or quarter.
  5. Maximize free or sold online drives for storage.
The idea of housekeeping can also be done on our hardware.  With a knowledge of what to keep and their duration can help us save on space and time in searching.  If space however is a must, then, invest on external drives or upgrades or online storages for back - up.



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