Tuesday, July 16, 2013

When Parents Are Working

In present times,  most parents have to work and the kids are left to nannies or child center.  Regardless of the case, the cost of living is high and that individual parent simply has to pursue a carer that family time is compromised between  work, self and family demands.

But, working with crown security fingerprint time clock can have its perks like better financing, improved self - esteem and self - worth.

These perks have their downsides too like less time for  the kids, have to entrust them to others and that separation anxiety.

I work and I am mother but it gives me pleasure that I grow as a person and with that I hope to become a better mom too.


Teaching Your Kid About Money

Having been raised from a middle class family where both of my parents were working  on meager income, I could remember  that we couldn't get anything we wanted compared to some friends.

And, since it was always imposed on us that earning a living is hard, we have to be spartan in so many ways. Now, that I have my own kid I just have to teach him practical ways to know that value of money.

Experts suggest the following activities for kids:

  • Engage the kids in computing the bills including budget for food, education, communication and alike.
  • Explain to kids that some have more while others have less and knowing that they have enough will make appreciate what they have
  • Distinguish wants, needs and the impossible.
  • Teach how to earn their own money  like selling juice or home - made candies.
  • Involve them in your shopping. Let the kids pay for some stuffs.
  • Teach the kids to save and having their own savings account will encourage them to save.
  • Explain to the kids the use and nature of credit cards as responsibility of paying can be toll for not paying promptly.
  • Discourage the kids about debts.
  • Show to kids how to reuse and recycle and how they can make money from these. A visit to thrift shop can help.


Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Tips to Stress - Free Days

It is undeniable that stress can brought various health problems including obesity, heart problems, skin problems, sleep disorders, digestion problems, cancer and deaths among others.

We are all prone to stress caused by pressures from peers, family, work, financial problems, family issues, hectic schedules and the list can go on.

joining fun runs can be fun; photo credit: Arnel Joshua Lim

But, we can address stress appropriately and by seeking medical guide or at least find ways to divert stress and have a positive disposition.

You may choose to have an indoor sports or recreation like yoga, chess, dancing or do outdoor works like swimming, biking, running or horseback riding  to name a few.

Stress is a serious thing and the remedy is on our hands and our support systems.


Home Remedies for Scar

I recently had a bike crash when we were having fun biking on off - road trail but I lost my brake as I went downhill.

Good thing that I only incurred broken fourth metatarsal and some bruises on face, legs and arms. Now, that the discoloration and swelling had subsided and my hand fixed up, I could only make my hand recover for 6 weeks and worry about scars.

photo source:

I bought an over - the - counter anti - scar called Contractubex priced at PHP 530.00 from Rose Pharmacy. With its pricey tag, I could only wish that home remedies are available.

So, I did my research and glad I could do an inventory of all possible home remedies for scar:

  • Aloe Vera. This plant has moisturizing component that can make the scar smaller and lighter. You can even mix aloe vera and vitamin E to make a mixture.
  • Vitamin E. This would help soften the scars.
  • Rose hip seed oil. This is a typical solution for skin problems including  dermatitis, acne and scarring.
  • Lemon juice. The acidic property of lemon can be used as a bleaching solution. Apply this for an hour,  30 minutes before you take a bath.
  • Almond Oil or  Olive Oil. These have similar effects like Vitamin and can be applied 2x a day.
  • Tea tree Oil. This has anti - bacterial component that can help prevent scarring.
Remember to consult with your doctor first especially if you have serious cuts  and scars for best and faster remedy.


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