Sunday, August 25, 2013

Cultivating a Family Culture for Sports

They say that children are defined by the beliefs, hobbies, and character of their parents.  While this can be possibly true to some families, it can be quite a mistake for others.

But, can we really connect parents’ pursuit of hobbies be adopted by their children? Probably, yes.   Kids do have their own liking. I have asked my

With my husband in one of our airsoft games

running barefoot with my kid
Parents may opt to like reading novels, playing golf, singing or dancing with led pinspot at musician's friend among others but the idea is let us encourage our kids to play and to bond with  others and not be a couch potato with belly and sickness await them.

We can only effectively encourage them, if we, as parents, are equally active and supportive.


Have Family Time

Sunday is the only day that I can join my kid for some time as we have the days for school and work. And, since I use my early morning and evening for triathlon training, and whole Saturday for my schooling, I have only the Sunday to spend quality time with him.

with my kiddo at newly - opened mall

So, whenever we can,  my partner and I bring our son to a mall time and movie of his choice just to get away from usual stress and just have fun with him.

movie time after meal

Different families do have their different ways to bond together. Regardless of the medium, it is imperative that we take a break from our usual routine and just let loose with our loved ones. 


Saturday, August 10, 2013

Tia Nina Pizza: A Family's Best Choice

My husband and kid are pizza lover and I tell you they can devour more than I can take.  So, if ever asked what pizza they would prefer, I guess they love more a pizza  that offers variety.

So, I am more than glad that  there is Tia Nina Pizza Grill along Osmena Street in General Santos City to offer reasonably priced pizza variety including their specialty of strong flavored fully topped dough and their super - sized of 32 inches in diameter.

32 - inch pizza

But, wait! There is more!  They offer now pasta and chicken and some pizza for vegetarian too.   Their combo meal of chicken and rice with drinks is only priced at around 130.00.

Tia Nina's specialty

But, if ever asked what I want to see in Tia Nina, I would want that each table is filled with computer stations powered by Avira Business Security Suite  for easy customer order.

With more than 10 branches in Mindanao as far as Zamboanga City, Tia Nina is one pizza house worthy to check.


Why Running in a Group is Better

encouraging other running newbies to sustain running through weekly runs

When I started my passion for running, I was only doing  some rounds around a local mall park. The experience was all boring however, I had no other chance since as a woman, running is quite restricted.

So, good thing  that I found other people who run a lot and share my passion. Since 2011 then, I have been running with Team Matutum.
run my first marathon with my team

What good then it is that you run with  a group? Here are my favorite reasons:
Team Matutum, my running group in recently conducted 10km race
  • Running becomes less boring as you get to talk while running, so, attention from the run is drifted.
  • You level up in speed or distance as the rest of your team is doing so.
  • You share resources for long runs or travel runs.
  • You begin to receive tips from the veteran or seasoned runners.

  • You get to go to new places for trail runs or races.
  • You meet new people.
  • You enjoy the perks of registering as a group or membership discounts with store  partners.
  • You or your team get featured on magazines (like my team on Runner's World Philippines) or local / national news.
While we have our individual schedule for training, at least, the team can schedule a run or two for a group workout.