Saturday, August 10, 2013

Tia Nina Pizza: A Family's Best Choice

My husband and kid are pizza lover and I tell you they can devour more than I can take.  So, if ever asked what pizza they would prefer, I guess they love more a pizza  that offers variety.

So, I am more than glad that  there is Tia Nina Pizza Grill along Osmena Street in General Santos City to offer reasonably priced pizza variety including their specialty of strong flavored fully topped dough and their super - sized of 32 inches in diameter.

32 - inch pizza

But, wait! There is more!  They offer now pasta and chicken and some pizza for vegetarian too.   Their combo meal of chicken and rice with drinks is only priced at around 130.00.

Tia Nina's specialty

But, if ever asked what I want to see in Tia Nina, I would want that each table is filled with computer stations powered by Avira Business Security Suite  for easy customer order.

With more than 10 branches in Mindanao as far as Zamboanga City, Tia Nina is one pizza house worthy to check.



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