Saturday, August 10, 2013

Why Running in a Group is Better

encouraging other running newbies to sustain running through weekly runs

When I started my passion for running, I was only doing  some rounds around a local mall park. The experience was all boring however, I had no other chance since as a woman, running is quite restricted.

So, good thing  that I found other people who run a lot and share my passion. Since 2011 then, I have been running with Team Matutum.
run my first marathon with my team

What good then it is that you run with  a group? Here are my favorite reasons:
Team Matutum, my running group in recently conducted 10km race
  • Running becomes less boring as you get to talk while running, so, attention from the run is drifted.
  • You level up in speed or distance as the rest of your team is doing so.
  • You share resources for long runs or travel runs.
  • You begin to receive tips from the veteran or seasoned runners.

  • You get to go to new places for trail runs or races.
  • You meet new people.
  • You enjoy the perks of registering as a group or membership discounts with store  partners.
  • You or your team get featured on magazines (like my team on Runner's World Philippines) or local / national news.
While we have our individual schedule for training, at least, the team can schedule a run or two for a group workout.



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