Sunday, October 27, 2013

Stephen Bishop Live in Gensan

As I type, the American  acoustic singer is having his concert at Lagao Gymnasium in General Santos City. This concert dubbed as “Might Be You” is Stephen Bishop, Live in GenSan, is among the many Philippines tours of Stephen Bishop along with national balladeer Nonoy Zuniga.

Tickets are priced at P2, 050 (VIP), P1, 800 (Patron), P1, 250 (Lower Box A), P1, 100 (Lower Box B), P550 (Upper Box), and P300 (General Admission).

With  loved songs, good voice, air - conditioned place and high - end  musical instrument, the musical concert shall be a blast.

I have my ticket but the songs of Stephen Bishop is too slow for me and I could have wanted my parents to watch the concert but my pop just had to decline.

I am sure the older generation who are watching the concert is simply having fun.


Friday, October 25, 2013

Boosting Your Kids' Confidence

with my kid and nephew after the show
 I have only one kid and I could remember that he was quite shy as he had no other playmates at home except the adults.

So, I had to make him go to school quite earlier than the usual school age. But, having done so, he learned to socialize with other kids, learned to sing and to dance before a big crowd. Well, of course, I could not be so proud with his academic grades although his IQ test proves that his IQ is of their 2nd honor student.

my kid with his grade 5 classmates on a Spanish dance
One of the factors that quite affects the personality of students is the role of schools and their teachers.  My kid is doing ok with his academics, now, that he is grade 5. But, one for sure, he could respond confidently when he talks to others even to adults and persons of authorities. He could rationalize for conditions beyond his age.

Only environment - the role of family, schools and the community boost confidence and as a parent, one must be able to highlight to their kids the difference between arrogance and confidence.

When kids are confident, they become self - reliant and assertive, and with that, you would know that they will just be ok whenever and wherever he will be.


Saturday, October 19, 2013

Expensive Halloween Costume

Come November 1 and 2, the streets shall be filled with scary stuffs but with party grooves on cool Halloween costumes.

This makes me wonder how an expensive Halloween costume can look like. Well, how about this $1M human slinky posted on eBay where $100,000 shall be donated to American Cancer Society.  Well, I guess if you  ever want the wackiest and weirdest and most expensive costume while helping, this human slinky is way OK.

photo source:

But,  I guess if you are budget - tight, then any of the Halloween costumes like sexy halloween costumes is not at all bad.

In fact, one can create homemade costumes from old clothes, some paints, and loose decors.  So, simply have fun!


Wednesday, October 16, 2013

The Benefits of Massage and Spa

It is undeniable that pressure from work, family, lifestyle can quite pose a strain on us, physically and mentally that we need only a boost.

While we have different means to get recharge, may it be through sports or  meditation to name a few, others like me resort to body massage.

Body massage is an orthodox medium to get healed and can be dated to old ages and its health benefits are boundless to include better blood circulation, proper digestion,  better well - being, relaxed nerves, and relieved mental and physical tension.

Having been involved in sports like running, biking and swimming and competitive races are both fun and stressful. The hours of training along with my daytime job and role as mother – wife can be somehow a toil I have to endure.

photo source:

Body massage is always a delight but to find one good massage center suited for my active lifestyle is just like finding a needle in a haystack. So, it is more delightful that there  is one new massage and spa center, the ATMAN SPA that provides various massage and spa services to include the unique ATMAN’S SPORTS MASSAGE. The unique strokes and stretching are a relief and a pamper to sore muscles.
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So, the next time you need to get de – charged or de – stressed or simply wanted to have a pampered fun day, try the newest ATMAN SPA located along Magsaysay Avenue corner Biateles Street and enjoy their spacious and hotel – like rooms and out – of – the – country – inspired spa and massage.

They are opened from 10am to 3am every day. Last service shall be at 2am.  With individual or package services ranging from 150.00 1,500.00 will be all worth it with the amenities and services that they have.

Go try their Atman Signature massage for a relaxing feel!