Friday, October 25, 2013

Boosting Your Kids' Confidence

with my kid and nephew after the show
 I have only one kid and I could remember that he was quite shy as he had no other playmates at home except the adults.

So, I had to make him go to school quite earlier than the usual school age. But, having done so, he learned to socialize with other kids, learned to sing and to dance before a big crowd. Well, of course, I could not be so proud with his academic grades although his IQ test proves that his IQ is of their 2nd honor student.

my kid with his grade 5 classmates on a Spanish dance
One of the factors that quite affects the personality of students is the role of schools and their teachers.  My kid is doing ok with his academics, now, that he is grade 5. But, one for sure, he could respond confidently when he talks to others even to adults and persons of authorities. He could rationalize for conditions beyond his age.

Only environment - the role of family, schools and the community boost confidence and as a parent, one must be able to highlight to their kids the difference between arrogance and confidence.

When kids are confident, they become self - reliant and assertive, and with that, you would know that they will just be ok whenever and wherever he will be.



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