Monday, November 4, 2013

Amazing Differently – Abled Talents

With active social media,  we can’t be surprised anymore of individuals from different races, gender, ages and statuses who have shown amazing talents in singing, dancing, sports, academics, politics and more.

Consider world – renowned persons like Albert Einstein who had dyslexia but known for his theory of relativity, or Ludwig Van Beethoven  who gradually lost his hearing but completed his Ninth Symphony when he was totally deaf or blind Olympian runner Marla Runyan.

And, while an able person who has no physical /mental restraints chooses to be dysfunctional for whatever reason, the onlookers can only feel disappointed.

It is important then that the family and the environment as a whole provides a full support systems, so, the  person with disability can still function as normal as possible.

So, if your kid is happier with music as he spends time playing musical instrument or equipment like piano, guitar, or simply singing,  encourage this interest as this would do him good.

Disability should never stop a person to maximize his or her skills. I believe that everyone, physically abled or otherwise should be given equal opportunities.



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