Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Christmas Gift Ideas for Family and Friends

In few weeks, local stores will be filled up with lots of shoppers and in as much as we want to avoid the shopping rush, we can reduce the time for searching for good picks if we know what to buy  or make.

Remember that we can always be creative in making our own stuffs and have them for gifts.

Personalized gift ideas:

1. Add chocolates / goodies / any sweet foodies in a glass personalized with decors.
2. Create your own fashion accessories like earrings, necklaces, bracelets, or anklets from loose stones, some wires, and tweezers.

self - made slippers from long shoe laces and personally cut leather sheets

3. Make slippers from  sheets of soft - padded soles or leather.
barefoot slippers out from shoe laces and loose beads

4. Create embroidered sheets or sew patches for pillows.
5. Create personalized cards.
6. Create customized Christmas decors from  soda straws, or soda's tin cap, foils for bags among others.

You may have your own gift ideas that you can personally hand make but if you don't have the time then, there are always local or online stores that you can search from.  

Scout the stores for bags, apparel, shoes, perfumes, gadgets or  fashion jewelry wholesale  to name a few.

In time of sharing and giving, it shall warm our hearts to see our friends and loved ones happier with our tokens of love and friendship



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