Saturday, December 21, 2013

Unique Filipino Markings

Filipinos are known for many things and that would include winning from athletic competitions, beauty pageants to even pursuing noble advocacy.

But, what can be unique identification that one is a Filipino?  Let  us dissect the following unique characteristics of Filipinos:

  1. Take pictures of themselves with their foodies;
  2. Ride in jeepneys;
  3. Can text with two hands and even without looking at the keypad;
  4. Stay in social media like Facebook practically everyday and spend at least an hour;
  5. Sell regardless of the  media;
  6. Love karaoke singing;
  7. Engage in musical play / concerts that most families do have guitars at home. 
  8. Smile a lot in spite of circumstances;
  9. Friendly even to strangers;
While there are downsides of being Filipino, I am however proud that I am born Filipino and share this pride with my ancestors and the generations to come.


Have a Playtime With Your Kid

Having to work while being a parent can be quite tough as I juggle my time being a mother, wife, employee, entrepreneur and athlete.

But, what can be more fun other than the fact that I can  use my training time to bond with my partner and son. My passion for running and multi - sports is shared with my boys that they too are now training for their upcoming triathlon.

When kids share your passion and you use your recreational time for training and as you do that, you  train with your spouse or kids can be quite  a delight.

You don't have to share the same sports with your kids; spending  quality play time with your kids or partner can be  a good way to boost your romantic or filial relationships.

Find a recreational activity that can be both interesting to you and your loved ones, and I am sure you will find more than pleasure.


Friday, December 13, 2013

Why Family Should Play Together

Sharing a passion with your family would mean a positive motivation as you allow yourself and your loved ones to spend time together doing the thing you love.

For some, sports like swimming, biking or running can be a common ground for spouses or / and children or siblings to bond together and to compete together. You can try music too with all the musical instrument including washburn j6 at music123, learning and playing can be extra cool.

with my training buddy, kid and husband for triathlon biking

Training for triathlon and marathon can be a gruesome experience for me as it requires much time to train almost  5 - 6 days a week. And, to add this along with daytime job and family workload, the competition can put an added pressure. But, when families support one another and actually go through the same experience, the toil can be less burdensome.

So, with training equipment / gadget including music player with your loved ones or friends with you, training can be fun.

But families don't necessarily need sports to bond together, recreational events like yoga or recreational badminton among others can be shared.

So, the next time you need to level up your relationship, try sports.


Thursday, December 12, 2013

Must - Read Tips for Professional Regulatory Commission Application

It was our first time to apply for PRC Professional Teachers' Board exam and since we had only our uniting in LET November 2013, we had to battle about getting all our records - Special Order, Transcript of Records, NSO birth certificates ( and marriage certificate for married applicants), and current year CEDULA.

Since the last day of filing is  December 13 and we had our Transcript of Records  last December  9, we had to be absent from work to go to PRC - Davao from General Santos City to seek priority number for appointment.

The priority number was already a torture that we had to sleep over at the PRC building to secure a more decent priority number. The priority number shall show the appointment date you need to be in PRC to process your  board exam application.

We got our priority last Tuesday and our appointment for Thursday. So, with the 3 - hour travel time from GenSan City to Davao, we left our place at 2am.

Since the PRC - Davao is a small office, applicants would have to wait outside the building (under the scorching heat) until their priority  number  is called (normally in a 10 - person batch).

When you apply, make sure that you have all your records straighten out. Check the spelling of your name, gender, birthdate,  your parents' and all these against your TOR. The requirements listed in PRC website must be complied but to assert the truthfulness of your records, it will be wiser to bring the diploma ( original and photocopy), the husband's birth certificate ( especially if your husband is a foreigner).  Don't forget though that you need to apply online.

When your priority number is called, the PRC staff shall assess your records and if everything is OK, you shall be given other forms to fill - up, pay the 900.00 application fee and wait for the Notice of Admission.

One hard lesson from applying for PRC board exam is the fact that applying late would mean going through hell and back.

I wasn't  able to apply successfully as my academic records show conflict. All the trouble could have been avoided if  I didn't assume that my records are all ok. I could have asked more help from others.

photo source: PRC website

So, if you are to apply for PRC, make sure that you get all the records correctly and to apply the early avoiding the bulk  of late registrants. And, if you are from different place other than the PRC venue, go for the PRC mobile instead or if this isn't possible, better make your entire week free and available. Best of luck


Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Family Competes for Triathlon

My husband, kid and I shall be joining our first triathlon and what could a better category than to try the shortest distance to do all three events successively.

So, come December 15, I shall be putting my trainings to test and cast all my fears away. I am however hesitant with my swimming skills as I need to take breaks in between long laps.

My kid and husband, however, shall be joining the December 21 triathlon in General Santos City instead.  We have been training for months but I guess it seems that trainings are not yet complete.

With less than two (2) weeks left, I could only find ways to train again and still remain relaxed, so, attending to music resto would do good. Now, if only these music bars do have high - end music equipment like alto saxophone cases backpack then, it would be more fun.

This triathlon shall be my last competition for the year and after that, it shall be ultra - marathon training for me. 


Sports: Teaching Your Kid Character

Character is built not acquired and we teach our kids the right character  at the earliest time possible, so, their habits become their character.

However, teaching our kids the right values demands that we live by our words and be consistent about it otherwise, they too shall have a flickering definition of values.

Experts say that sports are our means to healthy living but sports can be fine venues too to build character.  Kids who are exposed to sports live by the ideals of discipline, hardwork, teamwork, determination, self - esteem, honor and more.

my son competes in a 5km run race
So, don't be afraid to let your kids engage in sports because if they are physically healthy and no medical issues, any sport that interests them is as good as any other sport there is.

my husband and son take a break from a trail biking
My husband and I are into running and triathlon, and we are only too glad that our kid has begun to fall in love with the very passion that we undertake  along with his first love, soccer.

We could only hope that  he grows with the positive character that the sports teach him.