Thursday, December 12, 2013

Must - Read Tips for Professional Regulatory Commission Application

It was our first time to apply for PRC Professional Teachers' Board exam and since we had only our uniting in LET November 2013, we had to battle about getting all our records - Special Order, Transcript of Records, NSO birth certificates ( and marriage certificate for married applicants), and current year CEDULA.

Since the last day of filing is  December 13 and we had our Transcript of Records  last December  9, we had to be absent from work to go to PRC - Davao from General Santos City to seek priority number for appointment.

The priority number was already a torture that we had to sleep over at the PRC building to secure a more decent priority number. The priority number shall show the appointment date you need to be in PRC to process your  board exam application.

We got our priority last Tuesday and our appointment for Thursday. So, with the 3 - hour travel time from GenSan City to Davao, we left our place at 2am.

Since the PRC - Davao is a small office, applicants would have to wait outside the building (under the scorching heat) until their priority  number  is called (normally in a 10 - person batch).

When you apply, make sure that you have all your records straighten out. Check the spelling of your name, gender, birthdate,  your parents' and all these against your TOR. The requirements listed in PRC website must be complied but to assert the truthfulness of your records, it will be wiser to bring the diploma ( original and photocopy), the husband's birth certificate ( especially if your husband is a foreigner).  Don't forget though that you need to apply online.

When your priority number is called, the PRC staff shall assess your records and if everything is OK, you shall be given other forms to fill - up, pay the 900.00 application fee and wait for the Notice of Admission.

One hard lesson from applying for PRC board exam is the fact that applying late would mean going through hell and back.

I wasn't  able to apply successfully as my academic records show conflict. All the trouble could have been avoided if  I didn't assume that my records are all ok. I could have asked more help from others.

photo source: PRC website

So, if you are to apply for PRC, make sure that you get all the records correctly and to apply the early avoiding the bulk  of late registrants. And, if you are from different place other than the PRC venue, go for the PRC mobile instead or if this isn't possible, better make your entire week free and available. Best of luck



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