Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Sports: Teaching Your Kid Character

Character is built not acquired and we teach our kids the right character  at the earliest time possible, so, their habits become their character.

However, teaching our kids the right values demands that we live by our words and be consistent about it otherwise, they too shall have a flickering definition of values.

Experts say that sports are our means to healthy living but sports can be fine venues too to build character.  Kids who are exposed to sports live by the ideals of discipline, hardwork, teamwork, determination, self - esteem, honor and more.

my son competes in a 5km run race
So, don't be afraid to let your kids engage in sports because if they are physically healthy and no medical issues, any sport that interests them is as good as any other sport there is.

my husband and son take a break from a trail biking
My husband and I are into running and triathlon, and we are only too glad that our kid has begun to fall in love with the very passion that we undertake  along with his first love, soccer.

We could only hope that  he grows with the positive character that the sports teach him.



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