Saturday, December 21, 2013

Unique Filipino Markings

Filipinos are known for many things and that would include winning from athletic competitions, beauty pageants to even pursuing noble advocacy.

But, what can be unique identification that one is a Filipino?  Let  us dissect the following unique characteristics of Filipinos:

  1. Take pictures of themselves with their foodies;
  2. Ride in jeepneys;
  3. Can text with two hands and even without looking at the keypad;
  4. Stay in social media like Facebook practically everyday and spend at least an hour;
  5. Sell regardless of the  media;
  6. Love karaoke singing;
  7. Engage in musical play / concerts that most families do have guitars at home. 
  8. Smile a lot in spite of circumstances;
  9. Friendly even to strangers;
While there are downsides of being Filipino, I am however proud that I am born Filipino and share this pride with my ancestors and the generations to come.



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