Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Why You Should Promote Sports Among Your Kids

Gone are the days when kids had nothing to do except play outdoor with other kids in the neighborhood. With technology hype, what can be more than pleasing to most kids except play time with their wii, tablets or computers.

With less active lifestyle, kids are consequently at higher risk  of getting obese and eventually prone to obesity – related diseases like hypertension, stroke among others.
Energen Fun Run - 3KM Race Category
photo credit: Body Kinetix

What then should we do to protect our kids? By getting them involved to sports can actually help. Needless to say, we have to make sure though that they are fit to go through  the demands of physical activities like sports.
with my kiddo running his 5km for the nth time

It is also helpful if parents themselves are into active lifestyle, that way, motivating the kids can  be less vain. Nothing is more important than keeping our kids healthy; let sports be part of their young lives.   When healthy and active lifestyle is integrated to regular activities, we reduce our chances of getting sick and feeling inferior.

When kids are frequently absent from illnesses or are obese, their school performance deteriorate; their self - esteem degrades. So, promoting active lifestyle can't deniably do us all good. More importantly, we play and we bond together with our kids, fostering better relationship with them. 


Tuesday, September 2, 2014

When Your Kid is Bullied At School

Philippines is quite new when it comes to addressing school violent acts particularly because oftentimes teachers simply ignore the act and see it only as a child's play. Verbal reprimand to the bully is usually the norm.


But when does a parent need to be worried? When my kid was younger, he was all shy and normally reserved that he would barely socialize with his peers. However, when I had to hear the news that he was punched  or sometimes pushed by his classmates, I could only be dismayed as nothing was ever done except a reprimand to the bully. While a penalty may be relative to the frequency and gravity of the act, I must say, school must be very careful when it comes to violent behavior especially if this would mean bullying.

Oftentimes, we don't hear our kids talk about happenings at school but when tell signs show especially if the behavior has changed (not wanting to go to school or withdrawn or anxious of people), or physical abuse ( like cuts, bruises, scars) is seen, then, better head to school for some updates.

Bullying does not only happen at school; in fact, it can happen anywhere. Bullies take your possessions like  magnetic bracelet for men or violate your stuffs among, or simply call you names. These too call for immediate attention from authorities, so, not to perpetuate and cause serious downfall.

Schools are now guided with the Anti-Bullying Law, but, the challenge then is how to consistently implement the rules and to be more vigilant of bullying acts because oftentimes, bullied kids or individuals don't speak up.


Friday, July 25, 2014

How Yoga Can Help Your Kids

Others see yoga as a religious activity because of its Hinduism orientation but for others, they yoga as a medium for relaxation and more. Normally, we see adults doing the yoga stances but the benefits of yoga apply not only to adults but also to young ones. 

While most kids just want to other physical activities like sports, kids who are a little shy can be motivated to do yoga as yoga is non - demanding. In fact, my yoga  instructor, Ms. Helen Prieto of Marichi Yoga House, consistently tells her students to do the stances in a way that is most comfortable. And, this applies to adjusting the stances when necessary.
Yoga in School

Yoga helps kids have better flexibility as new muscles are put to use. These would help too make them stronger and acquire better balance and coordination to do other school - home activities. 

Yoga promotes better focus and concentration which is basically important for kids as they do their school works and  as they do their social functions. 

Yoga boosts confidence as they learn and master stances. This would be very beneficial when they relate with elders and with the society in general. Poor self - esteem is normally the cause why some kids are withdrawn. As kids become more flexible and benefit from the yoga exercise along with the breathing techniques, they can somehow address their weight problems and help them do better in other physical activities. 

Yoga trains adults and even young ones to find peace in stances and that requires paying attention to our body and to clear our thought from all our worries. When this exercise becomes a habit, kids and adults acquire better insights about other people, their work, their school and life in general. 

While yoga is no - cure for all kid's needs, as a parent, yoga can help.  



Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Parents: Promote Values Among Your Kids

Experts say that the young ones imitate the behavior of their teachers and parents, and so, we are strongly advised to be role models.  This means that we have to live the preaching that we made.

So, whenever possible, teach your kids about good values to include but not limited to helping others. And, we have to be strongly consistent when we try to impart positive characters.

my own kid as he distributes school supplies to T'boli students of Maasim

Since I hope to have a healthy family, I embark on triathlon and marathons. These sports fill my regular time but these have helped me to be more motivated, to train harder, to accept defeat wholeheartedly and to have a healthy diet and good sleep at all times. Somehow, having my husband as training partner had motivated our son to be inclined to sports too instead of his regular playtime with PSP, tablets or computers.

More than this, we teach him to appreciate the blessings he has and to bring him to remote areas for community outreach makes him see that other kids can be in deep dire need. The teachings that we make become more solid and internalize if kids can actually relate this to reality.

So, support causes that help society from local and online groups like, gather your old stuffs or invite your friends and family to put up community outreach and encourage your kids to help you. With these, values are  sure to be acquired and realized.


Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Be Healthy: Run the SunCity Suites Night Run Series

General  Santos City has become a fun run capital in the south. Well, thanks to the efforts and initiatives of former PNP City Director Ciedrick Train. Now, private enterprises and city locals  have embraced running as medium to physical fitness and healthy lifestyle.

So, now on its 4th year, renowned SunCity Suites has the fitness alive and rolling. So, come July 19, 2014,  join the night run of 3km, 5km or 10km. Run with your friends and / or family and celebrate good life as we all reach to the finish line.  Your registration would mean helping a good  cause through the GSC Tuna Capital Foundation, Inc.

Register for as low as Php 250.00 for 3km and Php 300,00 for 5km or 10km and get a finisher’s singlet, race bib and finisher’s certificate. Jazz up your singlet and win fabulous prizes too! When you register as a group of 10, enjoy a 10% discount.

You may register at SunCity Suites Front Desk, Bench Robinsons Place, Mitchy’s Car Accessories, KCC Mall of Gensan.  Start of the race shall be at KCC Mall of Gensan and finish line shall be at SunCity Suites. For more details, check them on Facebook.

Registration runs until July 15.  Two more weeks to go, so, grab those running shoes, train a little but have fun more!



Sunday, April 27, 2014

Tips Before Buying a Real Property

I have been thinking of having my own place separate from my parents' lot. Five years ago, my sister and I built a house but since I had other priorities, I had to stop the construction until my sister finally had it for her family.

Now, I just want to invest on a property and claim it for my kid when he gets older. But, having heard friends and my very own mom scammed over dirty properties on sale, I couldn't  help but be more cautious. 

So, when buy a property, check the following basic tips first before taking the plunge.

  • If you plan to stay longer in one place, then owning a property is only logical, however, buying and selling a property is no easy feat. So, you can ask assistance from a legitimate real broker, scout areas for real property or you can check online, or references from friends who found a site for bal harbour real estate among other areas.
  • Check your ability to pay for a property. Buying a property can be expensive especially if they are in prime areas, so, assess your financial capability first and then, asses your options. Sometimes, paying for a cheap property can be compromised by accessibility to schools, hospitals, markets among others. You can always go for a housing loan. In the Philippines, there are low - cost housings that are supported by PAGIBIG fund where the mortgages may  span over several years through salary deductions.
  • Check if the property  is a clean property, you can verify its status with your government. In the Philippines, you can check with the Register of Deeds for an authenticated copy of the title.
  • Verify if the seller has paid its real estate tax, get copies of Tax Declaration and Real Estate Tax original receipts.
  • Deal only with the owner of the property and / or its legitimate middleman as scams normally happen among the third parties. 
  • Talk to a land surveyor / geodetic engineer  to verify if the property described is as seen. Descriptions stated on the title must be the one sale.
  • Consult with your financial adviser, the banks and family about mortgages and the downright payments to cover the purchases before you take the property. Maintaining a property expensive - taxes, repairs, renovations among others. So, look ahead before you invest your money.


Wednesday, April 23, 2014

New Sweet Orange Tang Only for Mindanao

Tang, one of the oldest household beverage favorites, has launched its newest powdered variant, the Sweet Orange Tang, that  is specially formulated for Mindanao's unique taste.

photo source: Avel Manansala

With  Php 8.95 SRP per 250 - gram pack for one liter drink, this old - time favorite beverage is sure  within the budget of any household and best to complement any merienda or to simply cool off the summer heat. 

Lawrence Lorico, the Tang brand manager, has boldly announced that the new Tang was formulated by their food  scientists and was tested among selected moms and kids by Mondelez Philippines (formerly Kraft) against its key competitor and  Tang Sweet Orange was preferred more for its overall taste, sweetness and appearance. Best of all, it is Halal - certified and healthwise, the Sweet Orange has Fruit Power 7, a good source sure will be loved by everyone especially for its  rich minerals and vitamins including Vitamin A, B, C, Iron and Folate.
SOCCSKSARGEN Bloggers with Tang Brand Manager Lawrence Lorico
photo source: Laurence Erojo

Lorico added, "We formulated a beverage using their local water and their sweet palate. The result is a unique Tang flavor that caters to the Filipino taste but does not skip on quality because it is made from world - class ingredients."
Gerald Anderson for Tang

Tang is even prouder to have actor - GenSan - City's -pride Gerald Anderson to be the ambassador of Tang's newest flavor. As Mindanaoan himself, Anderson can only affirm the distinct preference of Mindanaos for sweetness.

So, grab your packs of Sweet Orange Tang from sari - sari stores or supermarkets as it they are only available in Mindanao.  Find or like them on Facebook.


Tuesday, April 15, 2014

An Ultramarathoner's Tale

Having run two ultramarathon does not make me a know - all but at least I can share the joy and torture of running beyond the usual 42.195 km.

My first ultramarathon of 64km in 2012 was one heck of  excruciating pain from the back, blistered feet and knee not to mention that we were soaked in pouring rain from 20th km and 50th km post.  Running with 13 men and catching up with their pace was mistake from the start.

I blamed  my ignorance and pride that an ultramarathon is just a little few distance to add on a marathon. With only 32km as my peak distance prior to the race, I thought I had enough; the pain during the run had mocked me otherwise. I finished the first ultra with 11 hours and pressing injury for a week or two.  So, I guess that made me a wiser runner not to attempt any distance without appropriate training.

My second attempt of ultramarathon was in Camiguin with my fellow Team Matutum. With only fun as motivation, I did my usual long runs but this time coupled with my triathlon trainings - swimming, biking and yoga.

Team Matutum runners from General Santos City at the port to White Island, Camiguin

We left General Santos City on a private car around 3:30am  and course through Tacurong City to head to Cagayan de Oro. We reached Balingoan Port around 12 noon and had our private car embarked on the ferry boat for another 1.5 hours of trip to Camiguin Island's Benoni Port.

Since the race would be in the evening of Saturday, we had the whole Saturday morning for the race's free tour around the island. And, indeed, Camiguin is one must - visit destination for its beautiful scenery,  varied tourist destinations from beaches to the mountains (or volcanoes), and heart - warming people.
taking a light break minutes before gun start

More than 250 runners filled the small streets around 10pm and with the rolling terrain of Camiguin, a runner without due training, would be quite taxing.

I had my game plan of running 5km straight and walk 1 minute at 8.0 - 8.5 minutes per kilometer and increasing my speed as I reached 32km. I had to be careful against blister and sprain.

However, my game plan was modified to 5 minutes run and 1 minute walk as I joined my fellow team mates who were nursing an injury before the race. To compensate for the walk, I was doing 7 mph  and the rain held us hostaged  for another 10 minutes until I decided to break away at kilometer 25.

I had to run more than I should, so, until kilometer 35, I was running more. I was conscious too of my hydration, so, I make sure I had enough fill in my hydration bag of water, bag of raisins, water with salt, salted caramel - chocolate and a small bottle of topical pain reliever. The race had their hydration every after 10km, so, our logistics car had made a great help as I did my hydration refill.

I was feeling ok and able to overtake a good number of runners until I reached kilometer 40 where I had to tag along with a fellow teammate who had drained his water already that I had to help him hydrate from my own water bag until I left him at the hydration point, kilometer 45.

The evening was so dark along Camiguin road as lamp posts were limited and the rainy clouds enveloped the moon to full darkness. I had to watch out for snakes and other creatures on the road as Camiguin is heavily forested.
enjoying post race on white island

I met a young nurse - runner from Cagayan who unfortunately was hitting the wall and stricken with urban legend fears that I had to slow down to pace with him. We shared talks and encouraged him to push through and just think of positive thoughts for the next 15km.

I managed to still help other runners too along the way with my pain killer and bag of raisins. Thinking that the young runner could manage on his own, I ran faster until I caught another team mate who were complaining of beaten feet. He lured me to more walking and less running and that dragged my time. While I was aware that I was running late, I could not afford to leave him. We decided to run the remaining 4 kilometers and I had the to still cheer for other runners who were walking and consumed  of fatigue and absence of sleep.

I had to ignore my own pain and continued the race until I saw the gate to finish line. I landed 10th place with over 9 hours of running / walking / helping. I could have done a better time should I have ignored other runners  but I would feel terrible too should I choose not helping them.

Nine hours of  race time caused me beaten feet, drained pain reliever and bag of raisins. Walking was uncomfortable but the ice bath at the finish line was a great help. I had my recovery walk and post - race carbo loading and just slept well for the next two days.

Recalling my race was both fun and regret. So, I guess,  I have to do better next race.


Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Yummier Break with New Jollibee Kit Kat Sundae

With all the busy doings from home and work, there are simply days that we are totally burned out and simply wanted a break. So, how do you exactly get recharged? For one, I use my mornings for swim, bike and run and these still don’t work, then there is always a movie break or a spa to go to. But, more importantly, food indulge can be a heaven’s salvation.

So, aren’t we glad that we have a new addition to our home – bound favorite, Jollibee, with its Mix – ins made in Kit Kat splurges?

Grab your Jollibee meals with this yummy combo of creamy vanilla  and Kit Kat’s crunchy chocolate bits to reward your breaks.

For only PHP 38.00, your Jollibee time is simply yummier time as you complement your Jollibee treats with this must – have dessert.

Visit now the nearest Jollibee outlets for some heavenly goodness, only from Jollibee and its new Kit Kat Sundae Mix – ins.


Sunday, March 16, 2014

Family Anticipate Graduation Ceremonies

In few weeks, schools from all levels shall finally commence and school break is just one thing to look forward to. And, like every year, the Philippine Department of Education strongly reminds schools  that graduation ceremonies must be simple and that no graduation fee must be obligatory.

For private sectors, graduation ceremonies are as grand from the graduation robes, to stage decors and reception afterwards.

But, graduation is just a special event to celebrate for as school hard work is finally rewarded.  And, so resto bars and disco houses with cool music, fancy disco lights and high end among others   are just full – packed with graduates and their loved ones and friends.

After graduation, we could only plan our vacation ahead! Happy graduation, graduates!


Experience the Invigorating Tibiao Fish Spa

Days of hard work would only mean  unwanted stress and what more can we do than unwind and get recharged again.

There can be different ways to unwind for different people. I use yoga and triathlon – swimming, biking, and running to de – stress from work but trainings and competitions  can be tough too physically and mentally but somehow I use it to play to stay clearheaded from work among others.

But, one that recently interests me is the experience we had from the Tibiao Fish Spa, an Antique – based fish spa, that is now commercially open in SM City – Gensan for  a minimal cost of PHP 199.00 with a  5 minute – foot massage.

ThereFish for fish spa
photo credit: Bebegems' Pages Flipper

The Tibiao Fish Spa makes use of crossed breed fish in fish tanks accommodating around 6 persons for 30 minutes.  In a month, they shall be offering  full massage services to complement the fish spa experience.
The tiny sand – paper teeth of the Tibiao Fish give  a goofy but soothing feeling as they nibble on your feet. Every day the tank is cleaned with fresh water refill and for every 100 customers, the Tibiao fish gets to rest. Now, I call that fish rights! The fish breeder gave us bloggers an insider tip – more fish shall come if we are more relaxed.

Fish spa is known abroad for its de – stressing benefit and believes to be good for wellness and brain stimulation. More importantly, it is a good bonding   experience for the whole family.

So, when you are in GenSan, visit Tibiao Fish Spa located at SM City – Gensan just across BDO bank.


Sunday, March 9, 2014

Graduation Gift Ideas

The month of March is the most awaited for parents and graduating students. This would mean graduating from basic education, college or post – graduate studies.
Should like to give graduation gifts to your loved ones, it would be wise to know their passion or interest and that would make the shopping easier. So, for your beloved, consider the following gift ideas:

1. For  sports enthusiasts like me,  sports apparel or accessories like running shoes  or triathlon gears or gadget can be your best pick.
2. For bookworms, new novels or  e – book readers like a tablet can be a smart choice.
3. For tech – lovers, check out  new lappy or phone or tablet on the markets.
4. For fashion  lovers,  a designer’s bag  or apparel can be an option, then, there are  jewelry options or you can  click here for diamonds and rings  for samples.
5. For heavily  loaded students, vacation trip can be a big plus too.


How to Go To Pao Pao – Sinawal Hot Spring

One of the nice things about trail running is the fact that you can enjoy running and at the same time, enjoy the nice trail of off – road route.

So, one of our favorite trails include the trail to Sinawal Hot Spring, a 1000+m asl.  The source is believed to be coming from an active volcano, the Mt. Parker situated in Tiboli, South Cotabato.

To head to Pao – Pao, Sinawal Hot Spring, follow the following:
For trail running, go for 16km distance from Pao Pao Elementary School, 10km away from the General Santos City’s diversion road.

The route can take cars or trucks but having a 4  - wheel drive can be a plus. Bring enough water and food as you head to Pao Pao Hot Spring.  Heading  to the school will make your eyes feast with the scenery from bountiful plantation of pineapple, mango and bananas. Of course, there is Mt. Matutum as back drop on the mixed macadam and cemented route.

the Pao Pao - Sinawal Route to Hot Spring

There are native communities who welcome the tourists  who would gladly assist you may it be in direction or hydration. The water is potable as you cruise through. It would be nice if you can start your run around 5am and may take the one – way route in 1 – 1.5 hours depending on your pace. The hot spring is around 500m from their main road as you take the downhill route.

The trail can be tough with the rolling ascent / descent to the spring. However, the lukewarm deep can quite appease the fatigue.

You can camp out in the area provided that you have enough hydration supply and required camping gears. Make sure too that you keep your trash.

In the middle of the course, you are required to record your name and pay 15.00 preservation fee.
Should you want to take a local ride from / to diversion road, a motorcycle, known as habal – habal, a fee of 75.00 – 150.00 would be your riding fee.

So, include in your must – visit, Pao Pao – Sinawal Hot Spring.


Sunday, February 16, 2014

How to Lose Weight Properly

There are various means to lose  weight, some are fast but may be painful, while others are simply slow to reflect result.  However, whatever medium you select, the idea is to have the  weight loss program safe and sound.

When we age, our metabolism becomes slow and our lifestyle becomes more laid back, so, normally we just don’t lose weight but worse, we keep on gaining those unwanted pounds.

At 36, my  old school classmates and friends have simply grown big. While I may choose the easy way to life, I felt sluggish and insecure when I wasn’t doing anything to lose weight.

So, since 2008, I run three times a week and when I had the chance to join with a running group,  my short distances of 500m – 1km running has leveled up to running marathons and ultra marathons.

But, running can be boring and strenuous too for others, so, they resort to swimming  and /or biking, gym workouts with punching equipment or dancing . The idea is before you hit the road or ramp for  any weight  loss activity, seek first medical clearance.

Schedule your recreational activities that you can religiously follow. 3 – 5  times a week of activities are good enough.  You can as well add variants to your activities.  I incorporated yoga on every Friday to complement my biking, running, and swimming  for flexibility and core strength.
More importantly, complement your active lifestyle with healthy diet. Missing a meal is not always an option for sports – inclined individuals and I guess for everyone. The idea is to do away with unwanted source of fats.


Tips to Wedding Preparations

While wedding is the dream of every couple, it can turn out to be a disaster  too. So, make your wedding preparations hassle – free and just enjoy the big day.

Like any occasion, unwanted lapse can be prevented with thorough planning. So, make a check list of what must be done beforehand, so, you will only have few weeks / days left only for beauty rest.

Dress and Suit.
Depending on your budget, you may want to recycle your parents’ wedding dress and suit and just do the needed repair. But, if you have the resources, then renting out or buying  can be an option. However, care must be taken  since fitting / refitting must be done for the needed adjustments  most especially if you are close to your wedding date.

Legal Papers.
Civil wedding or  otherwise, to make your wedding legal and binding, the needed papers are required. For one, there is the marriage license to apply for among others. So, before  other things, make sure that you have complied all the requirements needed before wedding. See your local civil registrar and / or  church for the requirements.

photo source:
Wedding Rings.
Wedding won’t be complete without your wedding rings. So, you may purchase gold bands, silver or platinum. The thing is to simply find the best ones within your budget and you would want to hold on to for the rest of your marriage. My first set of wedding rings was purchased cheap and ain’t look good, so, I was always goofy with their designs.

For budget constrained couple, they make their own wedding invitations and simply customize them. However, if creativity aint your thing, then  hiring invitation artists can be good.

We locate  reception area for different reasons. For one, there is budget. So, if you want your wedding to be well controlled  especially during reception, invite only  the ones you want on your wedding. You can require RSVP attendance, so, you don’t have to spend for unattended  guests.

Cake, Wine, Flowers, Souvenirs.
 Just like the  things mentioned above, select your cake, wine and flowers  and souvenirs within your budget. You can prepare all these by yourself or delegate these to friends or loved ones.  The thing is let them know what you want like for colors, style and essentials.

Some may go for garden wedding or church wedding or otherwise, depending on your selection, there is a proper order as you hold the wedding ceremony. So, upon application for wedding dates, ask about the order of the ceremony and the things needed, so, you can prepare ahead.

Photo and Video Documentation.
We want to capture our best day, so, invest on your documentation resources. There are professional videographer and photographers who can be flexible with your budget. Arrange with them for pre – nuptial and nuptial ceremonies.


Friday, February 14, 2014

Filipino Couples Exchange "I Do's" on Valentine's Day

Today is February 14 and the whole world simply celebrate this day of love. In the Philippines, we simply adore Valentine's Day that we give flowers, chocolates, balloons to friends, loved ones and to our dear partners coupled with romantic getaway.

photo source:  net

But, one of the things I love about Valentine's Day is the fact that government agencies have used the day to give mass weddings to the less financially able couples.

So, with a well decorated venue,  reception, flowers, rings  and witness among others, a good pair of couples simply exchange their wedding vows and that indeed highlight their Valentine's Day.

So, happy Love Day everyone! May your day be love - filled indeed.


Top - Most Celebrated Occasions Worldwide

Today is Valentine's Day and the atmosphere can be quite festive for some who search the stores for their loved ones' gifts to include chocolates, flowers followed by some romantic dates. However, this day can be quite gloomy too for others who are in distant relationship or have just broken up with their partners or simply in romantic woes.

photo source: net

So, I wonder what can actually comprise a list of most - celebrated occasions. My research shows the following:

  1. New Year is the oldest celebrated holiday and practically by all nations
  2. Christmas Day is a religious event celebrated by Christians on December 25 and in the Philippines other non - Christians simply decorate their homes just to join the festive atmosphere of the community.
  3. Valentine's Day is celebrated by most countries next to New Year. This may not be a regular holiday but remains a festive day for most people. 
  4. Eid al - Fitr is a Muslim festivity that marks the end of Ramadan. In the Philippines, we have this day as a regular holiday to respect the celebration of  Muslim Filipinos. This is a festivity celebrated by Muslim - oriented countries like Middle East.
  5. Diwali is a Hindu  five - day festivity that is celebrated by countries like India, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Myanmar, Malaysia, Singapore, Guyana, Trinidad and Tobago, Suriname. Families fill their places with clay oil lamps or candles for gratitude and prosperity.


Friday, January 24, 2014

Tourist Fun in Zamboanga City

For only seven (7) days for a vacation , we had consumed the time to go for reunions with family and friends.

I had used the time too to continue with my triathlon and marathon training as I spent morning to take my runs, swim and bike lapses.

with my kid for my run training

swim lapses at Astoria Regency
Of course, we won't leave without trying the food delicacies of Zamboanga,consequently, I could only gain the extra pounds in spite of the training workouts.

Zamboanga City is known for the Spanish influence on the language, the tourist spots including the Pasonanca Park and the miraculous Fort Pilar. There are party houses too with good food and good music.

But, what is known lately of Zamboanga City is the recently concluded war with MILF rebels that razed some barangays with more than 1000 families affected. To date, there are still families at the evacuation area waiting for relocation.

If you are in Zamboanga City, explore the city's treasures including Sta Cruz Island for a nice diving session!


Family Travel Tips

travelling outside Lanao del Norte heading Pagadian
We have traveled for  two - day trip from  General Santos City via Davao - Marawi to Zambaonga City. We left early 5am of Day 1 and arrived Iligan City by 7pm. With one driver only to bring us in a private car, we can only stay wide awake to entertain our driver.

It was only my husband, kid and I who traveled the 2 - day trip and could only stop to take meals and gas stops.

So, if you are scheduled to travel for hours or days, it is important to make your check list. You can check the following for essentials:

  • car registration papers
  • insurance
  • passport or travel documents
  • food and water hydration
  • first aid
  • map
  • kid's entertainment gadgets
  • travel news (for storm and road conditions)
  • muscle pain reliever
  • itinerary for pictorials, sleep  and food stops
We had to take a very risky road route as the Iligan City bridge connected to Zamboanga City collapsed. So, a rebel - infected route was taken instead. It was then advisable to bring a drive guide just in case you are not familiar with the route. 

Safety is utmost important, so, before you take the road, make sure that your car's condition is of prime condition and that where you are heading is known by the family, so, they can track your travel progress. Make sure too to enjoy your trip!


The Benefits of Body Massage

Not everyone can appreciate body massage but most people do. My family for one likes the physical contact of body massage from massage specialists.

But, what does body massage really do? As sports enthusiasts, we make use of body massage before and after the race or hard training to loosen up tensed muscles and to encourage blood circulation. Of course, body massage ain't needed right after the workout as massage might cause damage on swollen muscles.

Last night, after long days of 2 - day trip and days of triathlon training, we just had to succumb to Thai Massage.

Thai Massage. Photo source:

Thai Massage is known to address illnesses like migraines and asthma among others. Other benefits include flexibility, better sleep and greater awareness of body.

Massage is known in general to provide the following benefits:

  • alleviate body pains
  • reduce physical and emotional tensions
  • promote better flexibility
  • avoid cramping and spasms
  • help with physical rehabilitation from sports injuries and accidents
  • improves immunity
  • promotes better blood circulation and oxygen
  • addresses digestive disorders

So, with relaxing and smooth music or  slow music from pianos, you can relax better.




How a Family Can Cultivate Active Lifestyle

running our first 5km MILO Marathon barefoot

joining the rest of the 5km league runners

my family as they completed their first triathlon race
Most of the diseases nowadays are lifestyle - related and with prices of medication and therapy, one can only  prevent diseases to happen.

So, encourage your kids to be active in sports, so, they will grow up healthy and with strong character too. But, this can only be possible if the entire family especially the parents can be active too and with that the active lifestyle can be promoted positively among the kids.

Bring your kids as you do your morning runs or swimming sessions, and next you know it, they will be intrinsically motivated to wake up early or to hit the road for a training.


Encourage Your Kids to Love Music + Sports

My 11 - year - old kid was so big for his age that he used to wear long pants for a uniform the size of an adult. In fact, he used to wear a 34 - inch pants for a uniform with his big tummy. He simply loves to eat and plays a lot with his PSP or computer.

But, since his pop and I are into triathlon (swim, bike, run), he joins us in our weekly training and is good with swimming and biking. He and his daddy successfully hurdled their first triathlon and even won a podium slot.

When kids are exposed to sports and music where they can show off their individual skills and talents, they learn to improve their self - esteem and to know the values of hard work and determination.

So, invite your kid to join in a local group of music or sports enthusiasts to inspire him. You can buy your kids their sports or music needs online or from local shops.

Help your kids to have better personality and sports and music will sure help.


Where to Run in Zamboanga City

My  7 – day rendezvous in Zamboanga City has come to an end and asked what  I have had done for the entire week, I could only maximize  the week to train for triathlon and marathons.
So, where could one run safely while in Zamboanga City?  For recreational runners, you can  run around Ma. Clara Lobregat’s Butterfly Garden where you can do 50-100m hill repeats around their less than a kilometer loop while enjoying the nature.
running around Pasonanca

If a short loop isn’t your thing, then, go outside the Butterfly Garden and run the 1.5km loop through Pasonanca’s Pool – St. Francis Monastery up to crossing Abong Abong.  If you want more, then, run the Pasonanca’s Park perimeter for a rolling terrain.

If you want to commune with mother Earth, run around Pasonanca Intake to head to Zamboanga City water shed. You can do stairs training to as you run through  the Station of the Cross in Abong Abong.
My old favorite was the run around the city’s boulevard and Paseo del Mar but since the area is afflicted by evacuees, you can run through the city roads  early morning. I have to  run from Mercedes to Golf to complete a one – way route for a 17 – 20km distance.

If you are around Mercedes  area, you can run / bike around the 800 meter loop of Golden Haven Cemetery too.

And if you want more distance, run towards the south and head to the trails to Pagadian but be sure to bring enough hydration as stores are scarce along the way.