Friday, January 24, 2014

Tourist Fun in Zamboanga City

For only seven (7) days for a vacation , we had consumed the time to go for reunions with family and friends.

I had used the time too to continue with my triathlon and marathon training as I spent morning to take my runs, swim and bike lapses.

with my kid for my run training

swim lapses at Astoria Regency
Of course, we won't leave without trying the food delicacies of Zamboanga,consequently, I could only gain the extra pounds in spite of the training workouts.

Zamboanga City is known for the Spanish influence on the language, the tourist spots including the Pasonanca Park and the miraculous Fort Pilar. There are party houses too with good food and good music.

But, what is known lately of Zamboanga City is the recently concluded war with MILF rebels that razed some barangays with more than 1000 families affected. To date, there are still families at the evacuation area waiting for relocation.

If you are in Zamboanga City, explore the city's treasures including Sta Cruz Island for a nice diving session!


Family Travel Tips

travelling outside Lanao del Norte heading Pagadian
We have traveled for  two - day trip from  General Santos City via Davao - Marawi to Zambaonga City. We left early 5am of Day 1 and arrived Iligan City by 7pm. With one driver only to bring us in a private car, we can only stay wide awake to entertain our driver.

It was only my husband, kid and I who traveled the 2 - day trip and could only stop to take meals and gas stops.

So, if you are scheduled to travel for hours or days, it is important to make your check list. You can check the following for essentials:

  • car registration papers
  • insurance
  • passport or travel documents
  • food and water hydration
  • first aid
  • map
  • kid's entertainment gadgets
  • travel news (for storm and road conditions)
  • muscle pain reliever
  • itinerary for pictorials, sleep  and food stops
We had to take a very risky road route as the Iligan City bridge connected to Zamboanga City collapsed. So, a rebel - infected route was taken instead. It was then advisable to bring a drive guide just in case you are not familiar with the route. 

Safety is utmost important, so, before you take the road, make sure that your car's condition is of prime condition and that where you are heading is known by the family, so, they can track your travel progress. Make sure too to enjoy your trip!


The Benefits of Body Massage

Not everyone can appreciate body massage but most people do. My family for one likes the physical contact of body massage from massage specialists.

But, what does body massage really do? As sports enthusiasts, we make use of body massage before and after the race or hard training to loosen up tensed muscles and to encourage blood circulation. Of course, body massage ain't needed right after the workout as massage might cause damage on swollen muscles.

Last night, after long days of 2 - day trip and days of triathlon training, we just had to succumb to Thai Massage.

Thai Massage. Photo source:

Thai Massage is known to address illnesses like migraines and asthma among others. Other benefits include flexibility, better sleep and greater awareness of body.

Massage is known in general to provide the following benefits:

  • alleviate body pains
  • reduce physical and emotional tensions
  • promote better flexibility
  • avoid cramping and spasms
  • help with physical rehabilitation from sports injuries and accidents
  • improves immunity
  • promotes better blood circulation and oxygen
  • addresses digestive disorders

So, with relaxing and smooth music or  slow music from pianos, you can relax better.




How a Family Can Cultivate Active Lifestyle

running our first 5km MILO Marathon barefoot

joining the rest of the 5km league runners

my family as they completed their first triathlon race
Most of the diseases nowadays are lifestyle - related and with prices of medication and therapy, one can only  prevent diseases to happen.

So, encourage your kids to be active in sports, so, they will grow up healthy and with strong character too. But, this can only be possible if the entire family especially the parents can be active too and with that the active lifestyle can be promoted positively among the kids.

Bring your kids as you do your morning runs or swimming sessions, and next you know it, they will be intrinsically motivated to wake up early or to hit the road for a training.


Encourage Your Kids to Love Music + Sports

My 11 - year - old kid was so big for his age that he used to wear long pants for a uniform the size of an adult. In fact, he used to wear a 34 - inch pants for a uniform with his big tummy. He simply loves to eat and plays a lot with his PSP or computer.

But, since his pop and I are into triathlon (swim, bike, run), he joins us in our weekly training and is good with swimming and biking. He and his daddy successfully hurdled their first triathlon and even won a podium slot.

When kids are exposed to sports and music where they can show off their individual skills and talents, they learn to improve their self - esteem and to know the values of hard work and determination.

So, invite your kid to join in a local group of music or sports enthusiasts to inspire him. You can buy your kids their sports or music needs online or from local shops.

Help your kids to have better personality and sports and music will sure help.


Where to Run in Zamboanga City

My  7 – day rendezvous in Zamboanga City has come to an end and asked what  I have had done for the entire week, I could only maximize  the week to train for triathlon and marathons.
So, where could one run safely while in Zamboanga City?  For recreational runners, you can  run around Ma. Clara Lobregat’s Butterfly Garden where you can do 50-100m hill repeats around their less than a kilometer loop while enjoying the nature.
running around Pasonanca

If a short loop isn’t your thing, then, go outside the Butterfly Garden and run the 1.5km loop through Pasonanca’s Pool – St. Francis Monastery up to crossing Abong Abong.  If you want more, then, run the Pasonanca’s Park perimeter for a rolling terrain.

If you want to commune with mother Earth, run around Pasonanca Intake to head to Zamboanga City water shed. You can do stairs training to as you run through  the Station of the Cross in Abong Abong.
My old favorite was the run around the city’s boulevard and Paseo del Mar but since the area is afflicted by evacuees, you can run through the city roads  early morning. I have to  run from Mercedes to Golf to complete a one – way route for a 17 – 20km distance.

If you are around Mercedes  area, you can run / bike around the 800 meter loop of Golden Haven Cemetery too.

And if you want more distance, run towards the south and head to the trails to Pagadian but be sure to bring enough hydration as stores are scarce along the way.