Friday, January 24, 2014

Encourage Your Kids to Love Music + Sports

My 11 - year - old kid was so big for his age that he used to wear long pants for a uniform the size of an adult. In fact, he used to wear a 34 - inch pants for a uniform with his big tummy. He simply loves to eat and plays a lot with his PSP or computer.

But, since his pop and I are into triathlon (swim, bike, run), he joins us in our weekly training and is good with swimming and biking. He and his daddy successfully hurdled their first triathlon and even won a podium slot.

When kids are exposed to sports and music where they can show off their individual skills and talents, they learn to improve their self - esteem and to know the values of hard work and determination.

So, invite your kid to join in a local group of music or sports enthusiasts to inspire him. You can buy your kids their sports or music needs online or from local shops.

Help your kids to have better personality and sports and music will sure help.



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